Valentine’s Day Hacks When You Have a Wife & Mistress

Valentines-Day-Hacks-When-You-Have-a-Wife-&-MistressWhen you have a wife and a mistress, Valentine’s Day is a sticky situation full of pitfalls and huge mistakes waiting to happen. A loving husband must be clever as well. You have to have a game plan in place weeks before the big day to expect any kind of success. Take a while to plan out your Valentine’s Day activities to ensure your best chance at pleasing everyone involved. There are a few key points to consider that will help you cut out the drama that often comes at this time of year. These simple hacks can help you make it through another V day with confidence.

Scheduling is Important

You can’t do anything in life without a schedule. Work, play and home life all depend on a schedule of some sort. Learn How To Create A Daily Schedule Here. Why should dating and sex be any different? If it seems a little unromantic, think of it like this; scheduling helps to ensure you can spend the amount of quality time you’d like to with your date. So, be it your wife or girlfriend, make sure to schedule each woman enough time to satiate each other’s needs. This might mean you have to forego seeing one or the other on the actual day of the holiday, which brings another point to light.

National Mistresses Day

Mistresses have their own day for amore as of 2014. February 13 has been designated National Mistresses Day. There is no time like the present to begin celebrating this genius idea, especially if you are having trouble scheduling appropriate events and times for the two women in your life. Valentine’s Day is reserved for the wife and Mistresses Day is for the love affair lady.

Opposite Ends

If you’re taking them both out on the same day you will do good to remember to keep every detail at opposite ends of each other. For instance, take them to opposite ends of town at opposite times and in opposite venues. It can drastically cut down your chances at being caught and/or seen by someone. Whatever you have planned for one date, do the exact opposite on the next.

Varying Resources

Don’t ever use the same place for both women, no matter the venue. What this means is you use a different florist for each woman’s flower deliveries on birthdays, holidays and just because. Don’t send them to the same manicurist or hair stylist either. You can’t buy their jewelry in the same places nor can you take them to the same restaurants or hotels. Each relationship should be completely separate from the other for the greatest chance at success.

Use Your Creativity

Often, when juggling two women (Read Tips How To Date Two Women At Once Successfully Here) you have to get creative in your everyday dealings but holidays present an even better opportunity for creativity. Consider using an online gift registry for both women to keep from shopping for gifts in public. What her interests or favorite things are is inconsequential. Anything and everything can be found on the Internet.

Drink Responsibly

Many people celebrate by having a cocktail. The problem with guys like us is that we afford to get drunk and make a slip. You could call the wrong woman by the wrong name or let some crucial piece of information slip. There is also the chance that you will be less diligent in your defense and leave your phone or other damning information about. Your best bet when seeing both women in one day is to keep the drinking to a minimum. Here is some advice how to drink responsibly on a date.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

The biggest hack for balancing two women on an important lover’s holiday like this is to keep your trap shut. Don’t tell anyone. That means do not tell your best friends, cousins or even your brother. Anyone may slip up and say something they didn’t mean to; some may even do it on purpose to help or to harm you. You just never really know someone else’s motivating factors.

Having an affair can be tough enough without pesky holidays cropping up every few months. Using these hacks can make it a bit easier but never let your guard down. Having an affair on a holiday means staying ever vigilant to keeping your ducks in a row and your goose out of hot water. Make a foolproof plan to getting through the day and stick to it. Make sure to give yourself ample time to plan and go over possible problems that could arise. It might be tricky but it isn’t impossible. Stay alert in both relationships. Make mental notes to stay on top of your game and always keep your private documents and devices on lockdown. Following these simple hacks will help but the key is within you. Use your own instincts and intuition to get smooth sailing no matter the holiday.

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