Clever Ways You Can Use Snapchat with Your Affair Partner

Clever-Ways-You-Can-Use-Snapchat-with-Your-Affair-PartnerCommitted relationships are tough work, especially once they are monogamous. Not every couple can last the first couple months of monogamy when sex really begins to develop in the relationship. Cheating in a marriage happens for plenty of reasons, and usually a problem with sexual compatibility ranks near the top. Sometimes, one of the partners falls out of love with the other or decides that they picked the wrong person, whether for sexual or emotional reasons. In an honest marriage, these issues should be discussed as they arise. However, not all relationships are built for honesty, and affairs begin to develop especially if one partner in the marriage feels that their problems can’t be worked out. Whatever the justification you use to explain your affair with your new coworker or friend, smart phones have applications that can facilitate your debauchery. I’m talking about Snapchat, and it is perfectly tuned for goofy pics to friends and, perhaps unfortunately, sneaky around behind your spouse’s back.

Snapchat’s text messages erase themselves as you go

Some people don’t know or quickly forget that you can text message anyone over snapchat without sending pictures. Like the pictures, these messages erase themselves, usually after you close the conversation. This makes Snapchat’s messaging system very useful if you’re trying to send secret messages to someone and don’t want to worry about them being seen or forgetting to erase them. Just like pictures, the conversations can be screenshotted as well in case something was written that needs to be kept (like a new phone number). Just remember that the person you’re messaging will always know if you took a screenshot.

Get creative with the photos you send

Sending pictures back and forth is fun for a while, especially as they get more explicit, but many of us often ignore the drawing functions on the images. Sending dirty pictures is a great way to spice up an old relationship or to keep a new one fun and secret. The drawing function on snapchat allows you to doodle on the images, which is great for letting you tease your partner by taking explicit photos then drawing over the parts you want to hide. That way, you can make your partner earn the right to see the picture without the colored covering, maybe only if they send you a picture of their own or in a certain place (like a nude picture outside).

Send photos that already exist

If you have already taken some great pictures using your phone camera, but you are worried about texting them to your affair partner because you don’t want them being kept or used against you, then Snapchat is here for the rescue. You can still send pictures that were taken without the app and, just like Snapchat pictures, they eventually get erased leaving no evidence that they existed (How save is snapchat really?). And of course, if your partner screenshots the picture, then Snapchat will tell you right away. Then again, there is not much you can do about it if she does. The only drawback with sending photos that weren’t taken using Snapchat is that you can’t write or draw on them, making them less useful for those of you that like to be creative with your sexting.

Short videos for the win

If you currently use snapchat and never bother with the short ten second videos you can send, then you are missing out on the most fun characteristic of this social media app. The videos can be drawn on just like the pictures, allowing you to add to them creatively. It’s also a much simpler way to send explicit videos without worrying about the other party keeping them, using them as blackmail, or sharing them online. Besides, there’s little that is as much of a tease as a ten-second video of you stripping that cuts out right before the good part.

Snapchat is a fantastic way to keep your affair going if you need to and to spice up the relationship that already exists. There are plenty of outlets for your creativity and nothing can be kept by your other girl without you knowing about it. Just remember, however, that even if you are alerted that she screenshotted one of your pictures, (No snapchat screenshot warning in IOS7) your only hope is to beg her to delete it and pray she doesn’t use it for anything sinister. At least the knowledge that you can’t screenshot without alerting the sender is enough to sway most people to just not hassle with it.

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