What Exactly Is A Cyber Affair And Is It Really Cheating?

What-Exactly-Is-A-Cyber-Affair-And-Is-It-Really-CheatingYou know how it is. You are sitting at home on the couch, bored, surfing the internet. You look over and the girl who used to rock your socks off, is sitting next to you in her sweat pants. Her makeup is half on, half off, and she is shoving food into her mouth annoyingly while watching some sappy movie you have no interest in watching for the tenth time. Who would know if you just switched your webpage for a minute or two to see what else is out there. There isn’t any harm in talking to other women if you never touch them…right? The answer to that question depends on who you ask. A cyber affair is the new dilemma for the new age of the internet. There are so many temptations to talk to, converse with, and have virtual sexual relations with women through the internet, it is like being a kid in a candy store. The worst part about it that no one has to know. If you are even the slightest bit careful, you can carry on an entire cyber affair, not only without your wife or girlfriend knowing, but while she is in the same room if you so choose. With so many temptations on your plate, how can you be expected to just say no?


There are Many Different Type Of Cyber Affairs

A cyber affair can range from just talking to some woman, to having virtual sex with her, and everything in between. It is a way of forming a relationship with another woman without ever really having to meet her, or put your current relationship in jeopardy. Is it cheating? If you ask any woman if cyber affairs are cheating you are likely to get a definitive, “yes!”. For guys, the jury is still out. For many men, as long as you never touch a woman, it can’t be cheating.


Women and men think on different levels when it comes to sex and sexual relations. Men are more capable of seeing sex as just an act of nature. For many men having sex with a woman is not an emotional act. Unless there is love involved, it can be a primal need of satisfaction that can bring about no guilt. It is just physical without any emotional attachment. Women have sex on a different level. For many women, sex is more of an emotional connection than just a physical act. They are wired differently, therefore, sex, or sexual gratification, desire, or release, is something that is bound by a commitment between two people. If you are sharing sexual talk, acts, or gratification with another, even if never gets physical, they will most likely consider it cheating.


Avoid Emotions With Your Cyber Affair

A cyber affair that is emotional can be even more destructive. Sound crazy? Try to figure out women. When you find another woman online that you have an emotional tie with, that you confide in, that you form an emotional relationship with, many women will also see that as cheating. Why? Because you are going outside of your current relationship for your needs. Not your physical, but your emotional needs. When you make a commitment to someone that means you say you are their partner. Finding another partner, or confiding in someone outside of that relationship, can be seen as cheating on them emotionally. Don’t shoot the messenger, but an emotional relationship for many women is cheating.


So…is it cheating or not? If you are alright with having sex with another woman online and telling your current girlfriend or wife about it, than it is probably not cheating. The reality is if you are hiding it from your current partner, there is a reason. You can rationalize it all that you want, but if you aren’t telling the person in your life what you are up to, there is a reason. You either don’t feel good about it yourself, or you know that it is wrong. In both cases, you know in your heart that it is cheating.

So what is the answer? Stick to porn. It is sexually gratifying and it doesn’t involve making a connection outside of your relationship. Anytime you get another person involved in your relationship either through work, or through your keyboard, you are betraying the person you are with. Don’t do anything that if she found out, you would be out. Stick to those things which can satisfy your cravings without finding an affair, or someone who can carry it too far.

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