What Jobs Have The Highest Affair Rates?

It is common knowledge that some jobs inspire more affairs than others. Think of all the jokes about pilots, for example. There are so many we think of them as smooth-talking dogs with a woman in each port. Movie stars, strippers, and musicians are also some of those we have deemed promiscuous. There are a few reasons we label certain professions in this way but it all boils down to media personification. Is there any truth behind these popular public conceptions? Some research and polls show there are certain jobs that have higher affair rates than others. (See list of top 15)

Stay-at-Home Moms – 5th Highest Affair Rate

Stay-at-home moms are on the low end of the dirty cheaters scale. They get bored, especially when the babies are old enough to hit day care. It only takes so long to clean up the house and then what? You lunch with the girls, shop, have coffee. Eventually, you run into someone who is just as bored as you are and willing to spend the time with you that hubby has delegated to other pursuits. Next thing you know – wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. It happens every day.

Cops and Fireman – 4th Highest Affair Rate

Cops and fireman are heros. They save us from disasters and bad guys. They are courageous and strong. Sexy, too. By default. Have you seen the calendars with a hot, nude fireman on each month page? Those things are a fundraisers dream. They sell out before they’re printed and there is a scientific reason behind that. Women love heros. They have a higher affair rate because people literally throw themselves at them at any available opportunity. It is hard to be monogamous when you are assaulted with sexual offers daily.

Doctors and Nurses – 3rd Highest Affair Rate

Doctors and nurses are another example of people who are admired. Their patients and families sometimes see them as akin to gods. They can save lives and treat the afflicted. That is incredibly sexy in itself to the right people. Not only that, but doctors and nurses work long hours. Shifts that can reach into days. Spending this much time with the same person brings you close and often it turns into an affair. The have one of the highest affair rates because they have so much opportunity for affairs from both patients and coworkers.

Teachers – 2nd Highest Affair Rate

Teacher, professors, instructors, all have a certain amount of knowledge and power that is intoxicating. They can seem very omnipotent and worldly. It can be a big turn on. Couple that with a teacher who happens to be hot with a rocking bod and you have a teacher many will be hot for. Strangely enough, teachers often fall for their students too. It is blamed on the personal relationship that develops when a person is learning something. You feel bonded together. It can lead to an affair often enough that more than 48% of teachers admit to having affair.

Financial Industry – 1rst Highest Affair Rate

People who work in the finance industry, especially men, have a lot of affairs. In fact, they have the highest affair rates of any industry. Even the entertainment industry does not compare to the amount of affairs being conducted in the financial industry. Dr. Tartt’s research on why men cheat showed the more power a man has, the higher likelihood that he will cheat. This is due in part to three factors.

Three Factors Why Powerful Men Cheat:

• High income
• Extensive travel
• Regular contact with alluring and desirable people in professional surroundings

Based on those standards, it comes as no surprise that men in the financial industry have earned the title of workers with the highest rate of affairs. They make an unfathomable amount of money and are notoriously power hungry and ego-centric, and there is no shortage of beautiful, professional people nearby to cavort with.

There are certainly career paths that will lead to more sex and extramarital affairs than others. Read about: the 15 most right-swiped jobs – Some of these may surprise you. It isn’t always about fame and celebrity when it comes to affairs. Besides money, opportunity and environment have a lot more to do with affairs than most people think.

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