What States Have The Most Extramarital Affairs & Cheaters?

Where you live has a major effect on how easy it will be for you to have an affair. Various studies and surveys have shown that bigger cities have more cheaters in it but are there states with the most extramarital affairs. That may just be because there are more people in a smaller area. There could be some little burg somewhere where every married couple messes around. Dating sites, lifestyle magazines and scholarly articles all concentrate on information gathered by survey and through websites that specialize on cheating such as Ashley Madison. The information varies but there are a few states that consistently make the list of states with the most extramarital affairs.

North Carolina is one of the States with the most Extramarital Affairs

Almost 3% of the population of Charlotte use cheating and hook up websites for extramarital affairs. With numbers that high in one of their most popular cities, you can imagine what the rest of the state is like. North Carolina is beautiful. Maybe all that sun and gorgeous countryside makes people more apt to step out on their spouse. There is also a lot of historical significance of our country in this state, Its a great place to find little out of the way day dates where you can blend into anonymity.

Florida is an obvious entry on the list of States with the most Extramarital Affairs

The sunshine, sand and warm breezes of Florida make it a natural choice for a lot of outdoor fun. That point is evident in the plethora of beachside bars, outdoor cafés and breezy bungalow bars all over the state. Everything happens outdoors in Florida, from business proceedings to dance raves. The keys are full of beautiful people living the good life. There is always a party just one table over and opportunities to meet new people happen on the hour. It’s a great place to have an affair. With so much action, if the affair goes bad, it is super simple to just drop out of the scene and find a whole new crowd to spend your free time with.

Texas is another one of the biggest States with the most Extramarital Affairs

Texas is a huge state and everything they do is big. In fact, it is their state motto: Everything is Big is Texas. That seems to include their percentage of adulterers in the state. The social scene is big in Texas. Movies have even been made about the cowboy scene with famous bars like Gilley’s. Rodeos, football, and BBQ’s are the order of the day and its as big a deal as the hottest New York City nightclubs in this part of the country.

Illinois is a surprising entry on the list of States with the most Extramarital Affairs

Illinois is a surprising entry on this infamous list. Most people think of rolling corn fields and wholesome families when they think of Illinois. People often forget Chicago is a large part of Illinois and it is a city known for its gritty street life and wild club scene. It is one of the states with the most extramarital affairs because of its heady mix of professional sophistication and violent, gritty street life. Everything is happening here.

Utah May Have a Good Reason for Being on the list of States with the most Extramarital Affairs

Utah is one of those states that conjure up images of wholesome family goodness and high morals. It is because of those very reasons that it is so high on the list of states with the most extramarital affairs. Mormans founded the state and the Church of Latter Day Saints reigns as the most popular place of worship. A faction of this religion believes in plural marriage and so a lot of husbands are constantly on the look-out for a new wife to add to their families. Whether or not this has any bearing on the rest of the states marital activity has yet to be discovered but the state ranks high on most poll on states with the most extramarital affairs.

If you live in one of the states you’re a lucky guy. Make the most of it!

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