Who Has More Affairs the Far Right or Liberals?

In today’s trying political times, it seems everything is determined to be left or right politically. Nothing is sacred. Even romantic matters can be deemed far left or far right or somewhere in-between. When it comes to affairs, no one wants to wear the blame. Each side wants to say the other is more adulterous. Studies have shown 90% of Americans have sex before marriage and more than 65% of married people cheat. Clearly, people are having sex and cheating regardless of their political affiliation. Both sides have traits that sometimes manifest into extramarital behaviors. Who has more affairs? The truth is, both parties are capable of having an equal number of affairs.

The Case For Liberals Having More Affairs

If you are a liberal, your world view is founded on the principles of liberty and equality. You are a staunch supporter of freedom of the press, freedom of speech and civil rights. Gender equality is considered a belief of the Left. These ideas first began to take form as a distinct political movement during the 18th century in Europe, known as The Age of Enlightenment. Philosophers and economists in the Western world were its first revelers. It became known as a movement to reject prevailing society and the hereditary privilege that ruled it. State religion, the Divine Rights of the King and absolute monarchy were all things the movement stood against. Liberals believe that freedom cannot happen without equality. Conservatives like to point out that Liberals are sexually promiscuous because of this free love and acceptance for all attitude they purvey. It is true, to an extent. Liberals are like every other group of people on the planet. Each individual makes their own decisions for what is good for them. Do Liberals have more affairs than the far-right? While Liberals are more prone to feel that sex is a natural part of human life and nothing to be ashamed of, this doesn’t have a huge impact on a decision to have an affair.

The Case For Far-Right’ers Having More Affairs

If you are a believer in the far-right movement, you not only lean toward traditional political and social norms but you have fallen completely over into them. Your world view is firmly planted in tradition values and moral standings. Egalitarianism or anything resembling an equality of all humans in every way including civil rights, socially and economically. Fascists and Nazis are also considered part of the far-right political agenda. These people do not adhere to many modern ideas. They prefer the tried and true methods and always find a way to justify that. Superior people should have more rights than inferior people is a basic belief for many in the far-right. Conservatives of this nature are thought to be restrictive in their sex lives. Their morals should prevent them from having more affairs but that is not the case. There are many Republican politicians, for example, who have had very public sex scandals. Several Republican TV Evangelists has also drifted wayside. Do far-right’ers have more affairs than the Liberals? It doesn’t seem so and there is no proof of it. They have as many affairs as any other party. They are humans, after all and face the same temptations as anyone else. Why should we believe a political affiliation would ease those temptations?

Your Mentality Plays A Big Rule In Your Sexuality

According to psychologist Mark Regnerus Ph.D., our sex lives are forever changing and as Americans we are becoming more liberal sexually. —> Watch Video The difference in sex between the Liberals and those on the far-right are not so much about frequency as they are about underlying mentalities. Liberals have sex for fun and enjoyment. There is no rush to label it or define it. The far-right devotees tend to have sex as a means to a relationship or to fulfill some other purpose. Liberals are more pragmatic about sex over all. It is what it is. A natural human act. Nothing more or nothing less. Those on the far-right are more idealistic about sex. They give attributes to sex that Liberals most often do not. Sex means a lot of things to those on the far-right where it means almost nothing to a Liberal.

Who has more affairs? There is no concise answer to the question but human nature tells us there is no significant difference.

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