Why Affair Sex Is So Much Sweeter

Why Affair Sex Is So Much SweeterThere are many different reasons why one member of a couple goes outside of their relationship for sex. Some are emotional reasons, and some are purely physical. The problem is that in a committed relationship, it is hard to sometimes separate the two. That is what makes affair sex so much sweeter. The emotional aspect of a relationship is not the same in affair sex, and there is also more excitement attached to it. Having sex outside of your relationship can be exciting, not only because it is with someone new, but because there isn’t the same emotional baggage attached. No resentment, or power play, affair sex is more like what you used to have before you got married.

Do you remember when you and your spouse started dating? You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. It may be so long ago, it is hard to recollect. The problem with being married is that there is baggage that builds daily. That baggage gets in the middle of the satisfaction that you used to have having sex. You know ultimately that everything that you enjoy will come back to haunt you in one way or another. Often times sex becomes a tool in a marriage to get what one party wants. When it comes to that, it can be anything but fun or exciting. If your marriage has hit that point where sex is a routine, or non-existent, affair sex may be your dream alternative.

When you have affair sex there is no resentment
In a marriage there is a tally, either imagined or real. For everything you do, there is a counter reaction from your partner. Those things are always attached to sex. When you have affair sex it is like rewinding the clock to a time when sex with your significant other was fun. There was no stress involved, it was just about pure electricity and thrill. That is what it is like to have affair sex. You don’t want to be single again, you just want to have sex like you did back then.


The thrill of getting caught heightens the intensity
Sure, you don’t want to get caught, but the fact that you potentially could makes sex that much more thrilling. Like having sex in public, the thought that at any time someone could just walk in puts your senses on high. Get your heart pounding quicker than ever before. If you are a risk taker, having extramarital sex is a great way to get that engine kicked into overtime.

Appreciation is at the high
If you never feel appreciated at home, affair sex is something that comes with high praise and thanks. There is no assumption of owing each other anything. Whatever you do to please them is met with a thank you. It is easy in married sex to take advantage of the extra things that you do to please one another. In affair sex it is all new again. You don’t have to come up with new moves, or make it exciting. It is exciting all on its own. Your affair sex doesn’t know your every move. They also don’t know your secret places to touch. The things that you do aren’t old news, they are new and news worthy.

The newness factor
If for no other reason, affair sex is amazing because it is something new. When you said, “I do”, you probably thought that you wouldn’t ever get to try something new and now here you are with everything being new. to become attracted to your spouse again too. When you feel good about yourself, and someone else finds you attractive, it is a great ego-booster. That can help you to be better in your current relationship. Getting a new lease on life, it can bring some fun back into your current relationship. Although many people talk about the ills of affair sex, there are many potentially good things that can come from it. If you keep it hidden and try hard not to hurt the one you love, it can be beneficial for you both.

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