Why The Dating App Hater Is So Great For Finding An Affair

Dating apps these days seem kind of counterproductive when you consider all the data on how people connect more often over shared negative views than over positive ones. Every app on the market encourages you to talk about your hobbies, interests, dreams and ambitions, and then matches you to others with the same ideas. As of February 2017, there is a new dating sheriff in App-ville and his name is Hater. <<<DOWNLOAD IT HERE>>> Hater is a dating app that connect people by what they hate and it’s quickly rising to one of the most used dating apps in history. Instead of showcasing your most glossy version of yourself, you can let your hater flag fly. Hating has never been so much fun. There are users looking for everything from a serious relationship, to a BFF and everything in between. It is a wonderful way to find an affair on the dating app Hater.

Find An Affair On The Dating App Hater With Easy

Signing up is unbelievably simple. This app takes no information about your job, school or much of anything really. Except what you hate. It works by showing you over 2000 topics of hate for you to swipe left, right, up, or down for like, dislike, hate or love. The topics are funny and silly which are both great ways to find an affair on the dating app Hater. Swipe away on topics like butt selfies, slow walkers, building the wall, biting ice cream and drain hair. As you go through and swipe away, your profile is filled with your loves and hates. You receive matches based on who else hates the same things you do. Find an affair on the dating app Hater who hates all the same things you do. Your also able to peruse the member profiles and swipe to your hearts content.

The Dating App Hater Connects People With Shared Dislikes

Finding an affair on this app could be a great thing. Bonding on things you dislike is a way to let a darker part of your personality through that often gets hidden. When you are able to show a part of you that you cannot normally, it releases you to feel more comfortable almost immediately. Think of young love and how strong and important it seems. This is because young people are all or nothing. They tell each other everything and bond deeply. The profiles on Hater are sparse. There is no section for marital status. No one knows who is married and who isn’t on Hater. You are able to get to know other members based on intimate details with having to previously divulge marital status. That’s a big plus when you’re looking for an affair on Hater or anywhere.

Its Very Likely You’ll Find Your Next Affair On The App Hater

The Hater app was developed by Brendan Alper. Alper was Goldman Sachs employee who ditched the corporate world for a gig in a comedy club. It was during a sketch writing that he thought of the idea of a dating app for haters and planned to incorporate it into his act. As he researched the idea it became more and more apparent that it would make a much better dating app than a joke and Hater was born. According to Alper, the most hated thing by both men and women since the February launch was the 2016 election. Drain hair and bad sidewalk etiquette are also among the top hated topics. Some of the most loved topics are: the ocean, guacamole, marijuana during sex and mom. All good choices.

Hater Is Much Like Other Popular Dating Apps

Finding an affair on Hater is not only possible, but likely. The app is much like Bumble, Tinder and Grindr but more real somehow. The lack of perpetually cheery profiles laden with all your most positive attributes is liberating and not just sexually. The atmosphere is extremely laid back and friendly. The emphasis is almost more on fun and games than on dating with the many ice breakers, mad lib and matching games. It is even fun offline. Users report swiping their hates while dining and partying with friends. Despite the focus on things we hate, Hater stresses that they are only in the business of positivity. They have a strict, zero tolerance policy against anything untoward to other members. So hate away. It might lead to a great affair.

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