Why Ending Your Affair Can Be Harder Than You Think

Why-Ending-Your-Affair-Can-Be-Harder-Than-You-ThinkPeople start affairs for myriad reasons. Sometimes they know and understand the reasons. Other times, they just realize they want it and just go with it, not caring about the “whys and hows”. Affairs are tricky business at the best of times and can be downright dangerous at others. While having the affair may have been one of the most exciting times of your life, ending it can be a lot harder than you think. Here is some advice to help you navigate these troubled waters. Follow the advice below and hopefully a very troubling time can go over as smoothly as possible. Always keep in mind during the break up process to never let things get out of hand because the last thing you want is your affair break up to also lead to a divorce. Go Here To Read Some Divorce Statistics.

Your Emotions Are High When Ending An Affair

Most people start an affair agreeing that it will eventually end at some point. Usually, neither partner can or will divorce their spouse and it was never an option to begin with. Being secretive, the hot clandestine sex, and the excitement of it all can bring about some pretty intense emotions, some of which can easily be mistaken for love. Affairs feel good and give you a renewed burst of love for life, but only at first. Eventually it becomes more and more like a real relationship. The honeymoon wears off, as they say. Eventually, you decide it is time to stop the affair but suddenly it doesn’t seem so cut and dry. You’re having strange guilty feelings and you may even worry about hurting your mistress. Suddenly you realized you have developed emotional feeling for her. Whether it’s just sexually charged energy or a real true love is hard to determine. If you still love and cherish your wife, chances are it’s just residual sexual spark stirring up your emotions and confusing you. This makes the affair super hard to end. The only recourse is to spend some time alone deciding upon your breakup speech and stick to it. Think quick and painless.

Her Emotions Can Be High When You End An Affair

On the flip-side of the emotional coin, you could be perfectly fine with the arrangement and just ready to cut it off for whatever reason and your mistress could be in emotional distress. While you were happily sliding around in the affair you looked at as innocent, harmless fun, she was falling in love. You could have missed the signals, especially if she is playing her hand close to the vest. The problem begins when you tell her the affair is over. If she was harboring some kind of feelings for you hoping the NSA fling would turn into a full-fledged, real-deal relationship, you could be in all kinds of trouble. You can hope for the best and the worst it gets is some heartfelt tears and a sad goodbye or prepare for the worst, a pissed off mistress with a mean streak and a mind full of vengeance. They’re both unfavorable results but the latter can be dangerous for you and others close to you.

Fatal Attraction

What you don’t want to happen is some kind of Fatal Attraction scenario where you find your crazy, love struck girlfriend has killed and boiled your daughters rabbit. If your mistress is one of these types that end up as a Lifetime movie, you really should have picked up on that somewhere along the line. If not, there isn’t much that can save you now. These types don’t like to give up. Your one saving grace may be the authorities. If you can manage to get a restraining or have her arrested without your wife’s knowledge you could be home free. Usually, a threat of incarceration or something life altering will be enough to convince her to move on with her life.

Connections Are Hard To Break

Sometimes there are connections between you and your mistress that make breaking it off difficult. This can be especially true if it started as an office romance or out of a work related gig. Maybe you have to work with her on a project or she has information that could harm your career. You may also have mutual friends or live in the same apartment building. The connections you have to each other can keep bringing you together, making it that much harder to make the split. To surpass this issue, you have to have a firm resolution to forge through the break up and carry on with your life. It is easy to fall back into the same old routine with your mistress when you are forced together by circumstance. Fighting to keep your resolve can be the hardest part of the split.

If you went gallivanting into an affair without giving any thought to how it will end, you are in for q surprise when one of these big four issues smacks you right in the face. Sure, you could be one of the lucky ones. Maybe your mistress will find someone new and just fad quietly into the distance or perhaps she will cut it off with you, leaving you with no blood on your hands. The odds are against you, however. You’re more likely to experience one or more of the situations above. The key to getting out relatively scar free is to prepare yourself before you go into an affair. Better safe than sorry!

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