Why Tinder Is NOT The Safest Way To Find An Anonymous Affair

Why-Tinder-Is-NOT-The-Safest-Way-To-Find-An-Anonymous-AffairIt crosses every married man’s mind from time to time. To have an affair or not to have an affair. That is the question but the answer isn’t simple. There are a variety of tricky situations and questionable ethics involved that must be considered. The whole idea of having an affair is not to get caught. The idea is to find a compatible woman, have a lovely secret tryst and then end it with no one the wiser. Accomplishing that goal, however, takes some careful planning and foresight. In this age of technological wonder, it also takes a bit of cyber-knowhow.

There are tons of dating apps on the market today. Most are free, offer ephemeral messing (disappearing messaging) and a host of stickers and fun stuff to jazz up your messaging experience. Some are even specifically for folks seeking for an affair. Truthfully, any dating app can help you find an affair but keeping it anonymous is a whole other story. Many married daters are drawn to Tinder for its popularity and ease of use but if you’re looking to keep your affair anonymous Tinder is a no-go.

The Tinder Lowdown

Tinder is a fun app first seen in 2012. It works by showing photos of members and you judge them based on their looks by swiping left for NO or right for YES. Once two user both swipe right on each other’s pictures, they are allowed to message one another. It is designed to help people meet each other as they do in the real world based on where you live, who you know and your social credentials. The problem is it is connected to your Facebook account. It gathers your information and photos from the Facebook website and uses it to populate your Tinder account. This poses a major problem if you’re trying to find an affair partner and keep it anonymous.

Tinder Links To Your Facebook Account

One of the pieces of information Tinder uses from your Facebook account is your geographic location and hometown. Although it does have its own GPS functionality. It uses this information to show you matches of people in your area as well as those you have connections with. This is a horrible idea if you’re trying to have an affair. Can you imagine swiping your way through a great day on Tinder when you see your wife’s sisters picture pop up? You bet your bottom dollar (as an alimony payment) that she has seen yours too. Not only her but your church family, neighbors, kids and anyone else who lives within a designated radius of you. Ouch. You can turn this function off with a recent addition called Tinder Plus and use another area or your current location if you happen to be traveling, but there’s always the chance that someone in your area, even some of your wife’s friends can see your Tinder profile and find out your playing the field. Plus, you have to pay for the additional services and the older you are, the more they charge you.

There is a way to use Tinder without hooking it to your Facebook account. Well, without hooking it to your personal Facebook account. The trick is to open a separate Facebook account for your dating experiences. Alternatively, you can tighten up the security on your real Facebook profile. Change it so that no one you aren’t friends with can see your personal info or photos etc. This isn’t going to help much with friends and family you’d like to keep in the dark but it can help keep the crazies away. There are some other small tasks you can do to separate your Facebook as much as you can from Tinder. Tinder lets you know when the people you are seeing having mutual Facebook friends. You can tell Tinder that you do not want to see these people. One thing you definitely must do is find the app settings and set Tinder to the “Only Me” setting. It will allow only you to see your Tinder activity. These precautions are not foolproof and eventually someone you know will see you on Tinder.

Finding An Affair On Tinder Should Not Be Option 1

Finding an affair on Tinder should be a last result. The only way it could be completely safe is if you use a completely anonymous Facebook account in connection with it and even that has its issues. The best bet to find an affair and to keep it anonymous is to use an app like SnapChat or Wickr. Keeping an affair anonymous is hard. It takes planning and a lot of careful maneuvering. It isn’t impossible, however. The most important thing is to check out an app carefully before you use it and make sure it won’t give away any information you need to keep secret.

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