Why You Should Never Have An Office Affair

Having an office affair can seem like an irresistible challenge. Most offices have rules against interoffice romance and breaking the rules makes things that much hotter. Daydreams abound with visions of hot trysts in the janitors closet and long stares across the board room. There is no doubt about it. Office affairs have their perks. Unfortunately, their disadvantages far outweigh their advantages. If you’re going to have an affair, definitely don’t make it in the office.

An Office Affair Kills Your Career

When you are infatuated with someone, you tend to do a lot of daydreaming about them anyway. Now imagine the object of your affection is right in the office with you. Good Article – How not to loose yourself in a relationship. It isn’t hard to take that next step and imagine how hard it would be to get your job done. Even with the best of intentions, an office romance can quickly get you both canned. Read about why its so tempting to have an office affair – HERE

The Fight Factor in an Office Affair

Every sexual relationship in the world goes through its up and downs. Everyone argues every now and again. When that happens, it is best to do in private. In an office affair, even the smallest of fights becomes office talk. Before you know it, your office affair is front page news. It won’t be long before your wife finds out and the crap really hits the fan. You could even lose your job on top of it all.

An Office Affair Lingers

It is like a horror movie. The monster that wouldn’t go away. That is what an office affair is like. It’s all fun and games in the beginning. Everyone is having a great time but then along comes that inevitable first argument and the bloom fades from the rose. The honeymoon is over and you just want it all to go away. Maybe it could, but it won’t, because you had an office affair. Now, for the rest of your time at that job, you will see her. The office affair may be over but the residue will linger on like the film milk leaves in the glass even after you rinse it out.

An Office Affair Drags It Out

When you’re in an office affair, you see that person more than you would in an affair outside the office. This constant contact can make the average life span of an affair run a bit faster as the time spent together is compounded. Another problem that arises is you may be tempted to continue the relationship to save the work relationship or even to save your job. Not wanting to make a scene at work or feel those uncomfortable feelings after the break up, may keep you in the relationship much longer than you would have otherwise.

Slipups are Easy in an Office Affair

It is easy to slip up and reveal yourself in an office affair, especially in the beginning. When everything is new and excitement abounds, it is way too easy to get caught up in the moment and steal a kiss only to be caught by a nosy coworker. Click Here – Signs your employees are having an office romance. All those sly looks you give each other across the office are a lot more transparent than you think, too.

An Office Affair is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

Every single affair that has ever happened under the sun started off hot and exciting and then cooled over the course of time. In fact, that is also how all other sexual relationships begin and unfold. It is a fact of life. It is a normal routine for things to calm down after a while. All relationships experience something quite similar. In an office affair, however, there are many extenuating circumstances that muddy the waters. Keeping it secret is hard. Keeping it going is hard. Keeping it from affecting your job is hard. All this work is hardly worth the few minutes of fun you can squeeze into the day in an office affair.

Office affairs are bad news. No matter how hot she is or however you rationalize it to yourself, it isn’t worth the risk to your job, marriage and sanity to carry on an office affair. Go for the waitress at Waffle House. She’s cute.

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