What are the benefits of having an affair with an older woman?

what-are-the-benefits-of-having-an-affair-older-womanThe benefits of having an affair with an older woman are many and varied. Sex is always the first thing that comes to mind but there are so many more advantages than that. Hollywood and the media have made the most out of these types of relationships but now that all the hype has gone men are still seeking out older women in droves. Read Study Here Far past the fad stage, cougar couples are still popping up all over the country. It isn’t hard to tell there are some major benefits to dating an older woman.

Benefit #1 of having an affair with an older woman – Life Experience

Although not the sexiest of benefits, having a woman with some years of life experience on you can be a great help in your own life. Anyone who is older than you has some experiences they can share about life. Dating an older woman gives you the advantage of having someone who loves you and is interested in your success giving you advice on a personal level. There is a very good chance she has went farther, faster in the same line of work or field of study as you are in.

Benefit #2 of having an affair with an older woman – Financial Independence

Older women have had a chance to develop their careers and search out the perfect job for them. They already know the ways of the industry and the best ways to get a strong cash flow. You don’t have to worry about them needing money or asking for help with the bills. In fact, you may find that your older woman is open to loaning you a few dollars. It isn’t a big deal for a woman to help support a man she cares for if she is in a better place to do it.

Benefit #3 of having an affair with an older woman – Emotional Independence

Dating an older woman is a whole other world than dating a younger girl. As women age, they lose the high drama mentality and take life at a calmer pace. – How to deal with a high drama individual – The problems they had in earlier relationships no longer seem important and it takes much more to illicit a dramatic response from them. There isn’t any crying filled all-nighters when you spend too long at the bar or forget to call. Older women take things much more in stride than younger girls. Your cougar already has friends, hobbies and interests to fill her time. She doesn’t feel a need to be with you 24/7.

Benefit #4 of having an affair with an older woman – Body Image Issues

One of the greatest benefits of having an affair with an older woman is that they have very few body image issues. Older women learned long ago to accept the skin they are in. They don’t obsess over one potato chip or count calories at every meal. A few extra pounds or a little tummy pouch, on her or on you, doesn’t faze them at all. Older women tend to fall for a person’s personality and charm first and then with the looks and appearance.

Benefit #5 of having an affair with an older woman – No Gaming Zone

Tell the truth, when you approach a hot, young woman for a date, you’re already considering the type of head games she is likely to play on you. If she’s really hot, you can expect even more drama and mind tricks than the average gal. Older women, on the other hand, don’t have any intention of playing head games. They don’t have time. If they only want sex, she’ll tell you. If she is interested in a relationship, you’ll learn that too.

Benefit #6 of having an affair with an older woman – SEX!

So there is always the sex. That is something that everyone knows is a benefit of having an affair with an older women. They know how to make love. They have experimented, watched movies, read books and articles and know so much more about a man’s body than a younger man does. She can show you things about yourself, you probably don’t know. She is also able to teach you a lot about a woman’s body. Instead of flailing around in the dark looking for the sugar spot, an older woman will take your hand and direct you right to it with a smile on her dewy lips.

Benefit #7 of having an affair with an older woman – No Herd Mentality

One big difference between older women and younger women is the way they socialize. You are much more likely to find a cougar out on her own, enjoying her own company than you are a younger woman. Younger women travel in herds from bar to lounge to gym to cinemas. They aren’t usually solo travelers and prefer to conduct the majority of their lives in a group. Not only will you enjoy date night alone with your cougar but also most of the relationship.

There are so many benefits to having an affair with an older woman. So many they far outweigh the disadvantages. Besides these basic advantages, there are so many that will be specific to your cougar. Take the time to find out what they are.

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