Best Time of The Year to Have An Affair

Affairs are fun. Most married men have dabbled in one or two throughout their married life. No one wants to get caught, however, and so precautions must be taken. One precaution n one ever thinks about is the time of year you have an affair and the repercussions of it. Surprisingly, there are better times of year and seasons to have an affair dependent upon your circumstances. Take a look below to find out the best time of year to have your affair.

Could Spring be the Best Time of Year to Have Your Affair?

Spring is a time of rebirth. The flowers and trees bloom. People begin their vegetable and flower gardens. Many weddings are also taking place in spring months. Love is in the air. So, it is no surprise that many affairs also start in the spring. Spring can be a great time to have an affair if you have business trips in that time frame. It can also be a good time to have an affair if your wife is out of town a lot in the Spring. There are many new opportunities to get outside after a long winter. Lots of tasks require finishing in the spring which can allow for a whole range of plausible excuses to get out of the house.

Could Summer be the Best Time of Year to Have an Affair?

Summer brings out a lot of erotic feelings. The hot sun reveals more skin and less clothing on many women and men alike. There is a plethora of activities going on around the country from music festivals to wine tastings and car shows. It is easy to find a reason to slip away for a few hours or a weekend trip. There are even more opportunities to meet someone new if you don’t have an affair partner already. People with jobs in landscaping or construction have a chance to invent business trips to bid jobs or inspect new work that are really a trip with their mistress. All it takes is a bit of planning and imagination.

Autumn Could be the Best Time of Year to Have an Affair

In fall, the weather takes on a chill and the leaves begin to drop from the trees. People are harvesting their gardens and staying inside more to prepare for the winter months. Kids go back to school and parents often find themselves with more time on their hands. While this can be a good time to have an affair, it can also be tricky. With the children gone during the day, wives have more time to concentrate on other things and if there are any loose ends to your affair, she may begin to notice. If you attempt to have an affair in the Autumn months, be prepared to do more cover-up than usual. Take care to cover your tracks and leave no clue of what you’re up to.

Winter Months Could be the Best Time to Have Your Affair

Temperatures drop and snow begins to fall. People begin to prepare for Christmas and other winter holidays. Almost every second is spent inside save for the moments of travel and the short time you can spend in outdoor play before the cold temperatures begin to take a toll. If you can blame work for an extended weekend, your wife may check into it deeper than usual. Spend the extra time and money to make sure she stays busy during that time. On the other hand, your wife may work and have her hands full. Take advantage of her distraction and offer to get out of her hair for a while.

Any time of year can be good- or bad- to have an affair. It all depends on the intricacies of your lives. A good rule of thumb is to take stock of your wife’s routines for several weeks before attempting to start an affair. Make mental notes of when she goes places and what takes up most of her time. It could be beneficial to invest in her hobbies and interests to make sure she is fully engrossed and has enough to occupy her time.

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