Is It Better To Cheat With A Single Or Married Woman?

There are a lot of things to consider when you are cheating on your significant other. You don’t want to get caught. Hurting your wife or girlfriend is not what you want to do either. Affairs are carefully balanced events where two separate worlds must be kept far apart. One small mistake can send both worlds tumbling around your feet. Affairs should be carefully planned, but that isn’t always the case. Often, they are spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous things that happen when you aren’t expecting it. One thing you should always try to stay in control of is the marital status of your affair partners. There are benefits to both single and married affair partners.

Cheat with a Single Woman

Single women have no one to answer too. They make their own decisions. They can stay out all night and get day drunk on a Monday. You may be cheating, but she isn’t. There are a lot of obvious advantages to cheating with a single woman. You don’t have to sneak around her house. There is no boyfriend or husband to avoid. There are no curfews, or areas to avoid. Anything goes seemingly. Alternately, a single woman can become jealous and needy. This is especially true if you are the only thing she has going on. Not dating anyone else and not having much of a social life outside your relationship can lead to her focusing solely on you. Before you know it, she is spending all her time and energy focusing on your relationship and you just want to have a good time. – Read The Signs She Is Going To Be Needy Here – Eventually, she will get demanding and want you to leave your wife if you can find a single woman who is socially active and has a life outside your relationship, you still may run into problems. She will eventually want to show you off. No one who has been out and about on the daily will settle for secluded romance long. You can only Netflix and chill for so long. There will come a night when she wants to hit the clubs, go dancing, or dine out. If you are having an affair, those are things you can’t always do. It takes careful planning and strategic scheduling to orchestrate a successful night in public with your mistress. Single women can have busy schedules and aren’t always available when you can get away. You may also have to deal with her dating other men. Be sure you aren’t the jealous type. On the flip side, she may decide you’re the one and ask you to leave your wife.

Cheat with a Married Woman

Married women are a lot of fun too. You can bet that she’s raring to go because her husband obviously pays no attention to her. She will be passionate and exciting in a whole different way from the single women. Married women also understand the importance of subtlety and being discreet. A married woman is more likely to feel comfortable with as many quiet nights behind closed doors as you want to spend. They are also less likely to want you to divorce your wife. They are usually just content spending some occasional time with someone who will enjoy their company and pay them a little attention. There are some down sides as well. They have families too and aren’t always available to meet when you are. Meetings are usually short and stolen while running errands or on business trips. You could go weeks without seeing each other. Its sucks to always have to worry about some pissed off husband showing up at your door too.

There are lots of good reasons to cheat with a single and a married woman. It all boils down to your particular situation and what works best. Sometimes affairs just happen, and you don’t get a choice as to which marital status she is. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of both to get a step ahead of the game. Know what obstacles you may face and be prepared for them. A successful affair is all about being discreet and knowing how to cover your tracks.

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