5 Different Types Of Extramarital Affairs

There are five different types of extramarital affairs and each happens due to a mixture of motivations. At the very top of the list is the pure sexual affair. This often has little to do with the cheated on spouse and much more to do with the fact that having sex with a new person is incredible. It’s a rush that you simply can’t experience in a marriage and it drives a significant portion of all affairs. The release of hormones that comes from sleeping with a new person is where the drive for this type of affair is born. These affairs happen quickly and end just as quickly. Once the rush wears off there’s no reason to continue the affair. Most of the married but looking men and women out there are into it for this reason.

1) The Revenge Affair
Revenge is a common motivator for those looking to find an affair. Generally it begins with a great dissatisfaction in the primary relationship and anger towards the partner for that lack of satisfaction. The affair is both to get the pleasure you’ve been craving and to get a silent form of revenge on the partner that has denied you what you need for so many years. These affairs are the most commonly discovered because a big part of the motivation is to hurt the person you love. It sounds awful, of course, but it’s one way of ending a marriage that just isn’t working while having some fun along the way.

2) The Emotional Affair
Affairs can happen even if there’s no sex. Some may even find an affair like this even more egregious than a night in the sack because they involve a genuine emotional connection and that can be a major betrayal. Emotional affairs tend to develop between coworkers or good friends that take it to the next level because someone needs that extra layer of emotional support. When an affair of this type happens the marriage is almost always dead already and is simply being buried by the betrayal.

3) The Family Affair
Believe it or not but extramarital affairs in the family happen more often than you might think. I’m not talking about incest of course, but brothers and sisters in law sleeping with each other. It’s not terribly common, but if you’re in an unhappy marriage and you’re always at family events with someone in the same type of unhappy marriage you might very well make that connection. If you take it to the logical conclusion you will find an affair waiting for you. Would you take it?

4) The One-sided Affair
The one-sided marital affair is exceptionally common and almost always involves a woman sleeping with a man in the belief that he will leave his wife for her because he’s so in love when in fact he’s just having an affair because he wants new sex. The woman is in a relationship and the man is in a perpetual married but looking state where he has multiple affairs, sleeping with someone new as soon as the old mistress gets frustrated with his lack of commitment. This is bad for both sides. The woman is being emotionally abused and the guy risks getting caught when his mistress gets angry and tells his wife.

5) The grass is always greener affair
The one type of affair that almost always leads to the destruction of a marriage is the one where both members feel as though they’ve met the person they were meant to be with. They connect on an emotional and physical level and it feels so good it’s like a drug they just can’t quit. This is dangerous because that kind of passion will almost certainly blow up a relationship for good and leave the married partners in the dust. It can end with everyone unhappy too, since that connection and passion isn’t always genuine and honest and can be informed by a marriage that isn’t going well.

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