What Are The Different Types Of Affairs?

When you are having an affair, a lot of emotions run through your mind. It is harder than ever to keep your life straight, even if you have given the affair some thought and preparation. Many men believe they know the underlying reasons behind their affair, if they believe there is a reason at all. Some attribute pure circumstance and opportunity. There are truly only a few different types of affair. No matter what reasons you have for having an affair, it falls under one of these different types of affairs.

Revenge is a popular type of affair

The revenge affair is a different type of affair than most. You could have been tooling along in life perfectly happy in your marriage when you find out your wife has had an affair. In some men, this is an insult unlike any other and it becomes necessary that your wife knows exactly what kind of pain t has caused you. You feel slighted and like it isn’t fair that she has had outside sex when you have had the chance and passed it up.

Commemorative Affair is an unusually different type of affair

A commemorative affair occurs when you run into an old flame. It can also happen when you come across someone who you used to or always have had a crush on. It strikes up feeling of a younger, more hopeful you and a lust you once had for this person. When she returns your interest, it is a heady rush of self-confidence and desire that is impossible to deny. Commemorative affairs usually do not last long and are satiated once the sexual deed is finally done.

Sex-less Affairs are still considered a different type of affair

Most people are of two camps; sex is cheating or any emotional attachment is cheating. There are affairs that are romantic and passionate but without physical sex. Think of all the cyber romances that start every day and the millions of sex chat rooms where anything and everything goes. People meet online and fall in love every day and have lengthy relationships without ever seeing each other in real life. It is the emotional connection that constitutes an affair in these situations. Even more so if it takes away time, money or energy from the married relationship.

Emotional Affairs are a type of affair that causes the most damage to a marriage

Affairs most often start in order to fulfill some need in a person’s life that isn’t being met by the current marriage. It could be sex, or support, or monetary, but there is something that person is looking for. In many situations, once an affair starts and those needs are mutually met, emotions come into play and the sex is not the most important part of the affair anymore. These different types of affair can destroy a marriage. Relationships that begin from affair have hardly any chance of survival because they are based on deceit. Emotional affairs often destroy marriages, lives and careers.

Mid-life crisis affairs are one of the most common of the different types of affairs

Not only do marriages lose their team after a few decades, but people do too. Women go through menopause and men go through their own realization that life is edging toward its golden years, known as a mid-less crisis. Just like women, a lot of us lose our minds during this time and do stuff we normally wouldn’t do. Affairs are one of them. There are a lot of different types of affairs, but this one is one of the most common because it happens to all of us to some degree. Men begin to feel like they need to prove they still have what it takes to charm a woman. They feel afraid they don’t have what it takes anymore and they want to get out there and prove it to themselves.

There are a few different types of affairs and knowing the underlying reasons for each can help you extricate yourself with less trouble when the time comes. Being aware of what is going on in your own psyche gives you a winning advantage.

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