Why Ghosting Is The Best Way To End Your Affair

What is Ghosting? Ghosting is a relatively new term for a way of ending a relationship. It consists of slowly cutting down communication until you disappear completely. Without a trace. Like a ghost. It can be considered one of the best or one of the worst ways of ending your affair. It all depends on how you want to look at it. The term is new, but the technique is not. People have been ending relationships with a slow dwindle for centuries.

A Bad Way to End Your Affair

Ghosting has a bad reputation. Choosing to use avoidance as a break up tool looks cruel and cowardly to some people. There are those who feel that avoiding someone forever causes unnecessary pain and causes a person to doubt themselves and lose self-confidence. It implies that you care only about yourself. It is impossible for some people to get closure when they are not even sure what happened. – Good Article About Getting Closure – If you are alive, stranded on a desert island, or just busy at work; a million scenarios will play through her head before she realizes she’s been dumped. That isn’t always the case however.

When Abuse is Really Ending Your Affair

If you feel that the affair is harmful, abusive or scary, you have the right to leave by any means you feel will work. Some women are abusive. It isn’t always men. There are relationships where the woman is physically abusive but most often it mental abuse that women dole out. Women can also make just as scary stalker types as men can. Using ghosting when ending your affair can be the safest and smartest thing to do. You may be able to slowly exit stage left unnoticed. Or with such stealth she won’t realize you have left till you are long gone. This may have been the case with the famous Sean Penn/Charlise Theron breakup where the press reported she had stopped responding to him and froze him out.

Not Everyone Thinks This is a Bad Way of Ending Your Affair

There are victims of ghosting who feel ending your affair with ghosting isn’t so bad. Elle Magazine held a survey in which many women expressed appreciation for avoiding drama and icky confrontations. Just bailing on a relationship may be crude but there are some situations when it is useful. When things are obviously bad and she isn’t enjoying communication with you anymore than you are with her, a slow fade is the easiest way to go.

Ending Your Affair After a Bad Ordeal

Sometimes ending your affair with a heartfelt conversation just isn’t conducive to anyone’s sanity. When a couple has a major issue and things were said and done that you can’t come back from, it’s always best to just walk away. Name calling and threats are relationship killers. Often, there is nothing left to say. It is sometimes best to simply stop in your tracks and end it all.

When Ending Your Affair Will Lead to Extreme Drama

There are situation where ending your affair is going to open a whole can of worms that no one will be able to deal with. Some people are prone to drama and even the simplest of break ups can turn into an episode of a soap opera. – Signs you are dating a drama queen – In those cases, it will be a blessing to everyone involved if you just silently slip out the back. Never to be seen again. Instead of fighting, causing a scene, and wading through tears, it is a slow fade into obscurity.

When You Don’t Have the Inner Fortitude for Ending Your Affair

Sometimes, ghosting may just be all that you can do. There are people who feel that there are things that they cannot fix about themselves which cause problems in the relationship. They are ashamed of their behavior or habits or some part of themselves that seems to be an issue. Ghosting is an easy way to back out without having to make more excuses for the person they are, whether or not their feelings are valid. They will desert the relationship with their tail between their legs out of sheer humiliation at not being able to make the relationship work.

Ghosting may have a bad reputation but there are definitely instances in which it is the best move, or only move, to make.

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