How a Good Affair Can Turn Ugly Fast

How-a-Good-Affair-Can-Turn-Ugly-FastAffairs are fun. At least at first. It never fails to turn sour, however, and it’s always best to be prepared for that inevitable moment. There are several sure-fire ways to tell that the fun and frolicking are about to end. It can happen slowly, over a period of weeks or months. It can also happen fast, such as within a day or two if you aren’t paying attention to the signs. Taking simple steps like paying close attention and proactive measures are of the utmost importance.


Attitude is Everything

Being able to notice subtle changes in your affair partner’s attitude can go a long way when you’re on the lookout for trouble. Small things that wouldn’t normally make a difference suddenly take on a grand new meaning. For instance, if she’s always liked long walks on the beach but now suddenly prefers to stay indoors and read, something could be going sour. Suddenly disliking or being averse to what she has always enjoyed can be a sign that she is getting bored in the relationship or that she is no longer satisfied within its current confines. Pay attention to little shifts in attitude and investigate their origins. If her feelings are changing and it goes unnoticed, trouble isn’t far off.

Time is of the Essence

There are always very specific times when it’s safe to see your affair partner. If she is also involved in another relationship, the times are even more important. Adhering to the stringent time restraints of an affair is part of the allure. At least at first. Going out of your way to make sure you get to see each other makes things exciting and gives a hint of intrigue and mystery to the relationship. All good things come to an end, (Signs its time to end your relationship) however, and affairs are no exception. One of the biggest giveaways to this development is a decline in the amount of time she wants to spend interacting with you. This means both in person and on the phone or computer. If the amount of time you spend together in general is declining and its by her choice time and again, you have a problem on your hands.

Dress and other Attire

There are ways a woman can dress on a date with the man she is sleeping with that give you hints as to what she has in mind for that evening. Sometimes understated, sometimes brash, but always discernible to the trained eye, these hints can also let you know if your headed for relationship hell. No doubt, your gal has a certain style of dress. We all do. Very few of us dress wildly different each time we go out. Once you begin to notice she no longer puts any time into her wardrobe choices and is barely aware of her mani/pedi situation, your affair is definitely on the decline fast. There will be no more sweetly perfumed mistress in her expensive finery. No more lacy lingerie and pointy stilettos to look forward to. No more nice hotel dates. No, what you’ll be seeing more of is tennis shoes and sweatpants, messy buns and dirty looks. When she starts letting her appearance and attire lack, she no longer cares what you think and is attempting to distance herself from you by making herself seem less attractive.

Cold as the Day is Long

Remember all those hot sex dates that turned into long cuddly nights tucked into each other’s arms? How about all those exciting meetup’s where you had to sneak and plan and pull it off just right? Well forget about all those. That stuff will slowly but surely come to a screeching halt and leave you with only a cold breezy feeling as she walks by you. It is sometimes hard to believe that a woman can be as cold and heartless as men can when it comes to sex. Especially when they are seen as sweet, gentle and kind women. However, it happens all the time with startling regularity. When your affair is about to take a turn for the worse, you’ll notice how cold she can be. The warm and delightful affair partner you originally hooked up with turns into a complete a total stranger, and a frigid one at that.

The easiest and most efficient way to stay ahead of the game is to plan for the end ahead of time and stay alert. Knowing what you will do when the signs start pointing to affair disaster is a big step in being prepared and minimizing any break-up damage that could occur. Know from the get go how you will deal with the issue of a broken affair before you go, will be a huge help when the time comes to go your separate ways.

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