How Common are Affairs on Tinder?

Technology has changed the world. That is a given. What surprises some, however, is how much technology has changed the act of infidelity. People do not have affairs the same way. They don’t find affairs the same way or carry them out in the same manner. Technology even effects the way we end affairs today. Its pervasive fingers are never so present as in the online dating world and Tinder is a major culprit. Affairs on Tinder are becoming more mainstream than ever. The app makes it extremely easy to find and carry on one affair after another. Affairs on Tinder are so easy, it is almost expected. The mindset of most people who join is geared toward an anything can happen attitude. So, an affair on Tinder is just another possibility that is very possible.

Virtual is Easy with Affairs on Tinder

One reason having an affair on Tinder is so easy is because of the whole fantasy factor. Nothing really seems real online and especially not in the Tinder world. It doesn’t seem to be happening because you cannot see or hear the other woman. You can’t touch her or see her face react. Everything that is happening is in your mind. You picture it like a dream and, so it seems as such. It doesn’t become real until it comes off Tinder and you meet her in real life. That is the point at which you begin to deal with the reality of an affair on Tinder.

Affairs on Tinder are Plentiful

So many people join Tinder See the stats: How many users are on Tinder? – just for the opportunity to have an affair. Plain and simple. That is their total end goal. For others, an affair on Tinder is just something that happens. You may believe that you weren’t looking for it. If that is the case, you wouldn’t be on Tinder to begin with, however. An affair on Tinder can occur with anyone from an old elementary school crush to a complete stranger. People under 30 and over 50 are also present. School teachers, county administrators, porn stars, law enforcement, and librarians all have Tinder accounts. Your affair on Tinder could lead you anywhere with anyone. That is the beauty of it.

Women Have More Affairs on Tinder

While both sexes and all sexual preferences have admitted to having an affair on Tinder, polls have shown that more women have affairs on Tinder than married men. Both men and women flirt on Tinder. Either by intention or by chance. There is some debate over whether flirting is considered infidelity, but of those who flirt, the vast majority who take it further are women. No research has been done as to why this phenomenon occurs, but many researchers attribute it to more women home raising children and suffering boredom.

Affairs On Tinder Are Not Just For The Old

It is a common misconception that people who have affairs are old married couples tired of the same old, hum-drum married sex. Not true. Studies have shown at least one in five college students report having affairs on Tinder while in a committed relationship with someone else. The 550-person study also showed that almost 10% admitted taking their affair on Tinder to the next level and getting physical. Almost a third of those surveyed said they believe most people use Tinder to have affairs.

You Have to be in the Frame of Mind to Have an Affair on Tinder

The few studies done thus far on this topic show that no matter how many people are having affairs on Tinder, you must be the type of person to have affairs before it will happen to you. People who aren’t cheaters, aren’t going to cheat. That is the basics of the study. It might not seem like rocket science but to some, the Tinder app itself seems like a threat to a relationship but that simply isn’t true. People who are not comfortable indulging in infidelity will not do it no matter how easy or common it is.

Having affairs on Tinder is more common than ever and its just going to get worse. There is no end in sight to the updates, new add-ons, and additional functionality the app and others like it will come up with. Affairs on Tinder will always be a possibility. Whether or not they become a reality depends on the individual person.

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