How the New Male Birth Control Pill Will Change Affairs Forever

Vasalgel, the new non-hormonal male contraceptive is set to be released in the United States as early as 2018. How will it change the extramarital affair game? It is poised to be the first male contraceptive approved by the FDA. It is as simple as one injection per year. Researchers say up to half of American men say they would use it. While some authors haver erroneously reported that the polymer is injected in the penis or testicles, when in fact it is injected under anesthesia through the scrotum to the sperm carrying tubes. It blocks sperm and can be reversed. It holds back only sperm but allows other fluids to pass through. Doing so reduces any risk of back pain from fluid pressure, which was often a problem with vasectomies in the first years.

The Male Birth Control Pill Is Less Evasive

The Vasalgel injections are far less evasive than vasectomies. A procedure millions of men chose to do every year. There are no incisions or stitches. It takes only a few minuets and very minimal recovery time. Having an affair with a male birth control device in place can alleviate all chances of getting someone pregnant. You still have other worries, but a baby isn’t one of them. You do not have to trust she is taking birth control because you have taken care of it all by yourself.

The Male Birth Control Pill Is Reversible

Once you get older, or find the right woman, you may want to have a child. Vasalgel is easily reversable with a second injection that dissolves the polymer blocking the sperm. Some men even want to donate their eggs to couples who can’t have children. Once you have done whatever you wanted to do, you can replace the polymer blocker and be unable to have children again.

Male Birth Control Pill Offers Affair Options Galore

If this particular procedure doesn’t appeal to you, there are more being developed in the wings. Another non-hormonal male birth control pill, Gendarussa, is in the works in Indonesia. It has passed through stage II of human trials. It is said to work by stopping the sperm’s ability to impregnate female eggs. Another American product for male conception is an anti-Eppin agent. This method targets the sperms capacity to swim. Both the anti-Eppin agent and the Gendarussa works by taking a male birth control pill.

A Whole New Frame of Mind

This is new way to think. When men consider birth control, we think condoms or pulling out. Those are the only options open to us. We will now be faced with similar issues to what women face when considering contraception. We will have to remember to take it, and if that is a problem, you should consider the options that last the longest. You’ll also want to decide if you want a child any time soon. If you see that in your future, you’ll want a reversible or short lasting male birth control pill.

Affairs Are Changed Forever With The Make Birth Control Pill

The male birth control pill will change the way we have affairs because we no longer have to depend on the woman we are with to stop a pregnancy. It is now entirely in our own hands. We have that power. We don’t have that worry over our head and are free to engage in casual sex at will. The one thing male birth control pills do not help is sexually transmitted disease. Condoms are the best route if that is an issue. Sadly, more funding goes to learning ways to sterilize your pet than to create a safe and effective male birth control pill. Funding is low for these endeavors.

A male birth control pill has the ability to make affairs safe from unwanted pregnancies. Men will no longer have to be worried about facing that issue during an affair. Many women involved in affairs will also feel a higher level of safety. Not only from pregnancy, but the very fact that you have taken your own fertility into your own hands is a comforting feeling to women. It moves that you are not a playboy but a grown man with real desires you don’t want to be destroyed. Be patient. Its coming.

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