How To Spot A Cheater

How To Spot A CheaterMany people believe that men run the market on cheating. Not true. Women cheat too, and plenty of them. While it is true that men cheat more, women are not far behind, and catching up faster each year. This should come as no surprise as Fox news reported in 2012 that 70% of men cheat on their women while 50 to 60 percent of women cheat on their men. The signs aren’t always as easy to spot as some would think. Women may not cheat quite as much as men but they are just as good at it. Spotting the signs is not easy but it’s far from impossible. The key is to know what to look for. Below you will find a list of 5 signs to look for. If you have noticed any, or worse all of these tell tale signs there is a good chance your lady is up to no good. While this is not a foolproof test here are the most common signs to look out for.

1) Does she what to get right to it?
Foreplay is a biggie. Women need foreplay. It is an integral part of the love making process. While men can achieve orgasm with little to no foreplay, it takes women much longer. Men need only an erection to reach climax. Women must have proper lubrication as well as a host of other bodily reactions. Foreplay is necessary for her to maintain those bodily reactions. If you attempt to have sex with your girl and she consistently urges you to skip the foreplay, you’re not having a run of good luck. She’s probably cheating. If she isn’t interested in the foreplay, she is rushing through sex with you just to get it over with and get to the man she wants to be with.
2) Has she become a chatter box?
Is she more talkative than normal? That could be a sign she is cheating. Women will compensate for a secret by telling you more than you think she wants to know. Men tend to clam up and get secretive. Women, on the other hand, will tell you more details about their day than they usually do. The hope is that you’ll get enough information about her day that you won’t want to hear anymore and won’t be suspicious of her daily activity. They key to seeing through this particular ruse is to pay attention to what she is saying. If you notice she is talking way more than normal and sharing considerably more of her day than usual, listen for the parts of the day she isn’t telling you about. Scan her story for time gaps and you’ll find your answer.
3) Have her texts become erratic?
The way she texts you can also be a tip off. In this day and age, texting has become a popular form of communication. It is quick, easy and to the point. You can say what you have to say without waiting for an answer right away. Many people chose it as their favorite way to communicate throughout the day. If she has always been an avid texter but suddenly stops, she may be cheating. If you have access to her phone records through a cell phone service, check to see if she is texting and what the numbers are. Once you have obtained that knowledge you can check the numbers yourself. Call and ask directly or take a sneakier route and use her phone to send a message and see what kind of reply you get.

4) Has the nagging been on the rise?
Another thing she will stop completely when she’s cheating is nagging and complaining. In a woman’s mind, nagging at you and complaining about things is her way of telling you she loves you. She cares about the relationship. If she didn’t, she would nag. See where this is going? Keep in mind there is a difference in nagging and flat out bitching. If she is a constant bitcher, she wants it to end. If she has always given you a gentle nag here and there, but suddenly stops it could indicate that she is cheating. She doesn’t nag because she doesn’t care what you do. She isn’t planning on staying around long, so it doesn’t matter to her if you leave the toilet seat up, forget to let the cat in or clip your toenails on the living room rug.
5) Go With Your Gut
The most telling clue of all is not even something she does but your own feelings. If you keep getting a gut feeling that something is wrong, it probably is. Subtle changes in her attitude, actions and comments may not be obvious at first, but instead, nag at your subconscious. Pay attention to your feelings. Often, we grow comfortable in a relationship and discount stray thoughts that may disrupt the tentative peace. It may not dawn on you full force, but those nagging feelings are coming from somewhere, and nine times out of ten they are right.


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