How To Tell If Your Affair Is Faking Orgasms

How To Tell If Your Affair Is Faking OrgasmsThere is nothing that is going to be a bigger turnoff than not being able to please your affair in the bedroom. The allure of an affair is about the exciting thrill of it, and well, the sex. If you aren’t pleasing her, she most likely will find someone else who will. If you are wondering if you are really satisfying her, there are some signs. Women who are in loveless marriages have perfected the fake orgasm. Most of the time, they use it to get sex over with their husband. Even if you think that you can spot a fake, trust me, after years of practice you can become very convincing.

There are some telltale signs that your affair isn’t being real about her orgasm. There are some things about an orgasm that she just physically can’t fake. Those are the things that you have to pay attention to. When a woman has an orgasm there are physiological changes that take place. These can’t be faked, or pretended. Watch for these signs.

When a woman has an orgasm, her private parts will contract. It is something that you can feel, and it is something that you can see. If you aren’t feeling it, there is a good chance that she is just faking it. You can maybe use Kegel exercises to simulate the contractions that are felt when you orgasm, but they are much more rhythmic in nature. Try to focus hard on when she is making the “oh yeah” sounds to see if her body is saying the same thing.

During foreplay, your breathing and heart rate begin to rise steady. You will notice that she will start breathing more heavily and her heart beat will be much more rapid. During orgasm, these things seem to come to a head. When she is having orgasm, it is likely that she will hold her breath. Once she is done, she will go limp, or will exhale all the breath that has been built up. Those are the signs that she has climaxed. If the breathing does not change, or you don’t see a dip in, either her breath or her heart rate, chances are good that she didn’t have an orgasm.


The face
Everyone makes an orgasm face. It is usually not very attractive specifically because it is highly uncontrollable. If you don’t see her making an unusual “O” face, she is probably faking it. There is a likelihood that her eyes will roll back into the back of her head, or that she will make a pursing movement with her lips. Instead of listening to what she is saying to you, start to notice what her movements are doing. It isn’t in the loudness of her voice, it is more in her body language.

She will be done
Once she has an orgasm, her enthusiasm at having sex with you will drop. It isn’t that she is being selfish, that is just the way that the body works. Once you have an orgasm, your body is done feeling pleasure. She will begin to appear to be done and waiting for you to just get yours. Physically, her body will stop producing lubricant, so sex may become more uncomfortable, or less “wet”. Those are all signs that she had an orgasm.

A release
There is usually some type of release that comes after an orgasm. Some women will get very emotional after they have an orgasm. It can sometimes bring on tears, or some other type of emotional release. Whatever it is that is their “thing”, it will be automatic, and something that they can’t control. It should be something that you see every time. Orgasm isn’t about a choice, or consciously saying or doing things. The body reacts in uncontrollable ways.

The want to cuddle
It is instinctual for a woman to want to cuddle after she has had an orgasm. She isn’t trying to trap you or be irritating, that is just what the female body craves after she climaxes. She will be in need of close contact, or be sleepy. If your lady can’t get enough snuggles right after sex there is a really good chance she did in fact climax. If she is quick to run into the shower and then she probably faked it.

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