5 Signs Your Affair Is Doomed To End Poorly

Affairs happen all different kinds of ways. You could be actively searching one out or at least be really open to anything that comes along. Here are the 6 most common places affairs start. It could also happen when you are least expecting it or even totally against it. You never know. Life is strange, and people are stranger. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you get a curve ball. Not only do affairs start in strange and unusual ways, but they often end the same way. Not always, though. Sometimes, they end in the same old ways that every other sex-based affair relationship ends. Fortunately, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot some tell-tale signs your affair is doomed from the start.

#5 – She Talks Too Much

Some people just cannot keep their mouths shut. Be it a nervous reaction or a personality flaw, there are some people who feel a compulsion to talk, to fill quiet moments with conversation. Quiet makes them uncomfortable. They feel a need to tell you every thought that enters their head and want to know what you have to say about it. All of it. Entrusting these types of people with a secret is always a bad idea. If you’re sleeping with a woman like this, just know that she is going to tell someone eventually. Maybe not on purpose, but it is going to happen. When you see her dishing it up with everyone in her life from her bff to the mailman, you know this affair is doomed to end poorly.

#4 – It’s All About the Sex

It may sound strange but if the affair is only about the sex, it is doomed for a short run. Two people involved in an affair together must have something in common besides a lust. Maybe she makes you laugh or is as cool as one of the guys. There must be something to an affair other than sex or it wont last longer than the coupling. A mutual interest keeps things exciting and interesting outside the sack, where you spend most of your time.

#3 – You Work Together

Nothing puts a damper on a romance like the real threat of exposure. If you wanted to end your marriage, there are easier ways than destroying your whole life in the process. Having an affair with someone you work with is a death sentence. You may as well call your divorce lawyer because this is the beginning of the end. One wrong move and the whole world know what you and Becky have been up to in the storage room. If you start an affair with someone you work with, it will not take long to decide it just isn’t worth it.

#2 – You Know a Lot of the Same People

Running in the same social circle as your mistress can pose a serious problem. Seeing you with your wife enough times is going to eventually rile up your mistresses’ jealousy and territorial instincts. It also opens the door for more information to make to your wife’s ears. More people can recognize you when you are out and about with your side chick. Word travels fast when you are all in the same group too. She tells someone about you who knows someone who knows someone who knows you.

#1 – She Wants a Boyfriend

And the #1 sign your affair is doomed… SHE WANTS MORE! There isn’t much you can do when you are not on the same page as your affair partner. When she wants something serious, but you have no intention of ending your marriage, it is definitely over. Things can only get worse. If she isn’t willing to continue the affair in secret, you run the risk of ruining your marriage. You have no choice but to call it off. These are the kinds of situations that can turn deadly and end with you on a crime channel show.

These five signs mean the affair is not going to be a long one. The odds are stacked against you from the start. If one or more of them show up, know that this is going to be a short run so make the best of it and get out while the getting is good.

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