5 Telltale Signs Your Wife Is Having an Affair

It often starts as a small nagging feeling that that you barely notice. Slowly things more things become apparent. You don’t want to say your wife is having an affair but it certainly could be happening in light of recent goings on. But do the goings-on of recent really mean your wife is having an affair? Not necessarily. Women get up to all kinds of stuff men do not understand and may even look a little shady from our point of view. That does not mean your wife is having an affair. There are, however, 5 telltale signs your wife is having an affair. Just one or two doesn’t mean its definite. But if you spot all five, call a divorce lawyer or marriage counselor because you have some troubled waters ahead.

1. Primping is a Sign Your Wife is Having an Affair

You may have a primper. Maybe your wife is just the type. She always has to look her best before leaving the house and she won’t even take out the trash without eyeliner and lip gloss. If so, you have nothing to worry about. If not, if this is new behavior, your wife may be having an affair. If primping and preening is a new behavior for your wife, she may be up to something. Make sure she isn’t just taking a new interest in her life like healthy eating or losing weight. Losing weight can be a tremendous ego-boost for men and women too. She just be feeling herself. If you can find no real reason for the primping, pay attention to where she goes afterward.

2. Protective Cell Phone Behaviors are a Sign Your Wife is Having an Affair

Does your wife sit with her phone constantly? Is it ever out of her hands? Is she protective of it if you ask to see or use it? Does she keep a security lock on it? This behavior can be cause for alarm. Especially if she has not acted this way before. If she has suddenly decided her phone is private, there is suddenly something private on it. Check phone records for a new number popping up a lot. This sign of infidelity is a pretty good one. If there is something on her phone she doesn’t want you to see, there is a problem unless your birthday is coming up and she’s prone to surprise parties.

3. Emotionally and Physically Distant Behaviors are a Sign Your Wife is Cheating

After a couple has been together for a while, some of the new begins to wear off. You aren’t quite as enamored with each other as you used to be. While long time couples do show some affection to each other, it cools a bit after time. If you find your wife is suddenly emotionally and physically distant and she has not been before, it could be a sign your wife is cheating. When a woman cuts you off from her affections, it can mean she has someone else. It can also mean she is going through menopause so don’t jump to any conclusions before doing some detective work.

4. Continual Nitpicking and Nagging Can Be a Sign Your Wife is Cheating

The once sweet and docile woman you married has turned into a nitpicking ogress? She is always nagging and nitpicking when before she was easygoing and convivial. People who have affair often attempt to justify their behavior by finding something wrong with you. If the nagging about major things has turned into nitpicking every single part of your existence your wife could be having an affair. If all the things she thought were adorable about you are now all the things she hates about you, she’s found someone else who is adorable.

5. New Best Friends Can Mean Your Wife is Cheating

Imagine your wife comes home from work one day and tells you all about Kathy, the new employee at work. Or maybe its Jessica at the gym. Women need to talk about the things in their lives. Even if those things should never be spoken about. To find a way around this, they tend to make up new female friends who are actually male and a little more than friends.

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