Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair

There are no guaranteed signs that your wife is having an affair but if you peruse the list below and find that a surprising number describe your wife and her recent behavior, it might be time to consider that she’s stepping out on you.

1 Her anger has disappeared
There was a time when she got frustrated and/or angry with you over things both simple (missing dinner) and big (financial mistake, etc). Now that anger has seemingly gone away and been replaced by a general level of pleasantness with perhaps a hint of ignoring you entirely. If this happens there is a good chance you have a cheating wife.

2 She no longer shares details with you
She used to let you know what she did every day, going over all the details with you in an effort to share her life. Now she’s far more secretive. She glosses over large periods of time and when you ask she tells you it’s not interesting or she just waves her hand and makes a generalization. This should worry you.

3 The focus is on you now
When you ask about her or her day she quickly turns the focus back to you, deftly trying to shoo you away from wondering about her. At first this tactic likely works because it feels good to have someone interested in you, particularly if it’s abnormal. It’s a bad sign though because it means she’s trying to distract you from digging too deep.

4 She doesn’t need you as much
She has stopped asking you to go shopping or meet her for lunch on a work day. She doesn’t bug you to go on dates. Her time is now filled with someone else or she spends so much time
thinking about someone else that you no longer invade her brain. This is another big signal she has found an affair.

5 She tries harder to make you happy
This one often surprises men. They figure that their wife is being so nice to them and seems to love them so much that she couldn’t be a cheating wife, which is the whole point of such behavior. She’s doing it to throw you off the scent. If you’re happy with how she’s treating you then you’ll have no reason to worry about her being a cheating wife. The problem is if it’s a totally new behavior.

If you wife wants to have an affair or if she’s now a full on cheating wife then you have a problem. If you look at the list above you’ll notice that so much of it stems from bad places. If your wife being nice, loving, and affectionate is a change in your relationship that’s a bad thing. If she’s always angry at you that’s a bad thing. If she annoys you by sharing every detail of her day (in other words, if you’re not really interested), that’s a bad thing.

What I’m saying is that a cheating wife is almost always a symptom of a bad husband. It’s painful to admit that you may have played a part in your wife having an affair, but it’s almost always true unless she’s truly a broken person that simply can’t have a relationship. You’re not giving her something she needs so she gets it somewhere else. It’s usually the same when a guy has an affair. If you want to stop her desire to have an affair you can make changes in your relationship. There was a reason you fell in love and got married in the first place and you need to find it again. Be willing to put in the work and fix your relationship and no one will need to have an affair.

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