Top 5 Movies About Having an Affair

Having an affair is not an easy task to pull off. If you escape without destroying your life, you’re sure to have some bruised feelings. It is extremely difficult to enter into any kind of relationship without developing some sort of feelings for that person. (Click Here: to see the 26 signs you are developing feelings for someone) Even if it is just friendship and compassion. Hollywood has shown us this in more ways than one but it has also shown us the benefits and advantages of having an affair. There are many movies about having an extramarital affair but some have gone down in cinematic history as some of the best.

#5 – Walk the Line

In Walk the Line, we relive the tale of famous country crooner, Johnny Cash. We experience his fame as well as his addictions to drugs and alcohol and the mess it made of his life and career. It is filled with great music and a fascinating, true-life tale but it also shines a light on the fact that he was having an affair with another singer, June Carter for much of his marriage. This film, hover, is one of the few that portray an extramarital affair as a loving and good relationship. It follows their relationship from the moment they meet until the end. You get a sense of the emotional connection between them and why it was an affair that turned into the real deal. Not all movies about having an affair end quite so nicely.

#4 – Little Children

While they were probably pretty emotionally beat up at the end of this movie, these character’s lives are no relatively worse for wear. We get to eaves drop on two young marrieds who make friends while their kids play in the same playground. Passion ensues and they begin having an affair. Neither are happy in their individual marriages and he persuades her to run away with him. As luck would have it, they never meet to take their wayward journey. She gets major guilt and never shows. He gets hurt and has the emergency crews call his wife. They never continue the affair. They live their separate lives like nothing ever happened. Not only does this rarely happen in movies, but not in real life either. Someone usually gets mad and someone always gets vindictive. When it does happen, however, it probably would go something like this.

#3 – Unfaithful

This movie is proof that even men like Richard Gere can experience a cheating spouse. His wife finds herself in a windstorm, complete with skirt blowing and umbrella tossing. Her papers fly everywhere and a handsome stranger steps up to aid her. They begin a friendship that is sexually charged from the first instant. Once they begin having an affair it quickly becomes obsessive. Poor old Richard finally figures out what’s going on and kills the man his wife is having an affair with. More affairs than need be end this way. Far too often, passion turns to a deadly fascination that ends in murder and sometimes suicide. This film has some of the hottest extramarital se scenes ever but it also serves as a cautionary tale to anyone dating a married person.

#2 – Derailed

A married man and woman meet on a train in urban Chicago. They bond over pictures of their kids and begin a casual friendship that takes no time at all to turn passionate. They agree to fulfill their desires in a seedy motel but before the deed is done a scruffy thug breaks in. He brutally beats the man, rapes the woman, and robs them of their belongings. They decide not to report the crime hence their respective spouses find out where they were. A short time later, the thug resurfaces and demands bribe money. What makes this flick stand out is the twist that comes in right about here. We find out that the woman he thought he was having an affair with was actually in on the robbery. There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie that make it almost hard to believe but the level of suspense makes it all worth it.

#1 – Chloe

An uber-hot call girl meets a suspicious wife in a bar and the two arrange a business agreement for the call girl to test the husband’s loyalty and see if he will engage in having an affair. The call girl arranges to make the acquaintance of the husband and reports back to the wife with lurid sexual details of the meetings. Here is where things get weird. The wife begins to get turned on by the recounting of her husband’s infidelity and begins an affair of her own with the sexy call girl. As if that wasn’t enough, when the wife attempts to get all three of them together, the husband doesn’t recognize the call girl. He never knew her. The ending is a fun ride and keeps you guessing till the end.

If you’re in the mood for a film about having an affair, remember they don’t all have happy endings.

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