Hiding SMS Messages & Turning Off iMessage To Keep Your Affair From Being Exposed

Hiding SMS Messages Turning Off iMessage To Keep Your Affair From Being ExposedThere are many types or reasons for having an affair. It isn’t as simple as breaking a vow. There are myriad reasons an affair takes place and not all of them are bad. Some are even at the behest and with the full knowledge of the spouse, although this is rare. Most affairs happen behind closed doors, without the other spouse’s knowledge or approval. It may be a financial issue or to spare someone’s feelings, maybe children are involved or illness. Whatever the reason, it isn’t always a good idea or a plausible idea to let the affair become exposed. SMS messages and iMessage are notorious affair busters. If you aren’t good at remembering things or are not tech savvy, you may want to get a private phone to use during your affair that no one knows about but her and you. If you think you can handle it, there are some tips and tricks to put into play that can keep your affair from becoming everyone else’s business.

Fake Names
You will find yourself running through names in your head like an expectant father, saying them out loud to see how it sounds. However you chose them, you need a few fake names in your repertoire. A carefully chosen fake name can get you out of a world of trouble. If the affair is not meant to last but a night or maybe the weekend, give her a fake name. She does not want to see you again any way and probably does not even care what your real name is. Chose something easy to remember such as your brother or brother-in-law’s name or your best friend’s name. Also, choosing one of those names allows you to claim you were mistaken for someone else in some situations.

If you are going to be carrying this affair on for a while, you will need to assign her a fake name in your phone. Your best bet is to make it somehow related to work, church, sports or something innocent. Chose an area of your life that you get a lot of phone calls for and situate the fake name into that world periodically in conversation with your wife. Another option is to use names of your friend’s wives or your parent’s friends. Elderly people make great alibis.

Keep Your Phone On Lock Down
You can also chose to lock your phone or lock you text messages so no one can open them but you. That usually looks very suspicious to any wife married longer than 24 hours, however. A third option is to use one of the plethora of apps available online to hide SMS messages. The app would depend on the type of smartphone used but they all have a variety of features. Some hide the call logs from certain people, some hide from the start menu and must be found in the settings. Others can hide all messages and automatically delete when it is opened without the correct code. The notifications are different too. You’ll get a text saying a software update is available or you can receive 20% off your next oil change and you know that a message from your girl has filtered into the app.

How iMessage Is Exposing Affairs
If you have ever used iMessage you know what a huge tattletale it can be. If you are trying to keep a secret, you really better know what you’re doing with iMessage. The crappy thing about iMessage is that messages you are sending there can hit any of your other devices. Can you imagine planning a hot night on the coast with that new girl from the gym and it pops up on the laptop as your wife searches for Lil’ Smokies recipes? Or your mother decides to look at the photos on your iPad? That is a disaster that you can’t recover from. You have very few choices here. You can disable ichat after each use. This can be done in the settings. Another option is to change the idle time to a longer span. Lastly, you can disconnect the messaging capabilities on you other devices so there is no chance of them arriving there.

Having an affair that you want and need to keep secret requires a lot of work. You have to stay on your toes and know what you are doing at all times. One slip up could blow the whole thing up in your face. It has never been so important to be familiar with your technology than in this situation. Knowing how everything works and being uber familiar with the features of very app you use and every piece of technology in your life can mean the difference between life and death in an affair.

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