5 Vacations Ideas to Take Your Affair

Some of the best times you will have with your affair partner, or misstress is while on vacation. You are away from home and the prying eyes of the people in your lives. You can finally really cut loose with your mistress. You are somewhere where no one knows you and you are free to be whoever you want to be. You and your affair partner can be a married couple or two young kids on an adventure. Your mind rests and your free to enjoy yourself without repercussions. When a trip is this monumental, you need to plan it carefully, and we are here to help. Here are five great vacation ideas to take your affair this year.

Take Your Affair to SoHo New York

SoHo is an area of Manhattan so named because it is South of Houston Street. Known for its artistic community and variety of boutique shops, it is the perfect place to take your affair. Located right in the cultural epicenter of New York City, you can live out a Woody Allen love story for as long as you’d like. There is always something to do, even if it is just wandering the street of the Cast Iron District and reveling in all the cast iron architectural elements. Art galleries, trendy dining spots and plenty of entertainment options keep you busy when you’re not holed up in your room enjoying each other.

Take Your Affair to Islamorada, Florida

Beaches fix everything. Exhaustion, depression, bad breath, menstrual cramps. Everything. While any beach will do, a trip to Islamorada, Florida with your affair will send her over the moon. Islamorada isn’t just a resort town. The beauty of the countryside is incomparable and many fashion magazines shoot there. The jungle-like landscape, lush with vegetation and the white sand beaches are enchanting. Just walking the beach can put you in a relaxed, romantic mood that any woman would love. Who doesn’t enjoy balmy, sunny days and hot, hot tropical nights?

Take Your Affair to Small Town USA

There is nothing quite as charming as small-town America. The sights, smells and sounds never fail to take you back to a comfort zone like no other. Even if you were born and raised in an urban environment. Small towns have such a friendly atmosphere it’s hard not to be happy. You’ll find farmer’s markets, antique shops and some of the best food you’ve ever had. A bed and breakfast in a small town is a vacation your affair will hold in her heart forever.

Take Your Affair on a Cruise Ship

Only one thing is better than being on the beach and that is being on a cruise ship. Nothing but bright, sparkling water for miles around you. The ships have tons of entertainment options. From shuffle board to discos, and stage shows to diving. There is something to do at every moment. Even if you’re a home body, the suites are like those in a luxury hotel and you can only venture out to the restaurants for a gourmet meal and a cocktail.

Take Your Affair on a Wine Destination

Nothing says sophistication and romance quite like a trip to wine country. Fine wines and wineries are not only fun but informative and interesting. Many have tastings coupled with musical performances or theatrical ensembles. It isn’t all about the wine but if you’d like it to be it sure can be. No matter what wine you like you can spend a day enjoying it with someone you love and your affair will feel like a queen. Your only problem will be she won’t want to leave when you’re ready to go.

A vacation with your mistress has the potential to be the best time of your whole year. It is a great chance to unwind, gather your thoughts and have a great experience in the meantime. Use it to see the sights, gain some insight and rest your mind. The most important thing to remember is to cover your bases and make sure you don’t get caught. Use a burner phone and private credit card for all reservations and plans. Do not tell anyone that you are taking your affair partner on vacation with you. The most important tip of all is to remember to enjoy yourself and use the time wisely.

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