What is a Facebook Affair & How it can Destroy your Marriage?

Statistics show up to one third of the divorces in the country each year cite Facebook as a culprit. There is a definite connection to American divorce rates and what people are doing on Facebook. There are also those who feel this Facebook threat is simply trite. They are of the mind that if a social media app can destroy your marriage, there were already big problems. They say things such as “if you want to cheat, you will find a way”, and “Its only online. It can’t hurt anything”. No matter which way you lean, Facebook can pose a real issue in any marriage.

What is a Facebook Affair?

A Facebook affair (Read About One Here) is a relationship that started and continued in some way through the Facebook app. While many studies show that online relationships through social media displays certain characteristics, they all agree Facebook is in a class of its own. One stand-out phenomenon of the Facebook affair is the speed in which it happens. Consider work place trysts and other types of affairs. They take weeks and months to cultivate. On Facebook people connect and agree to hookup in a just a few clicks. Being behind a keyboard gives people the courage to say things they normally wouldn’t and do things they never have before. Facebook connects you with so many people, it makes it easier to find someone you have had or could have a bond with. You can easily find old lovers and the one that got away. You don’t even have to look most of the time because the app suggests people for you and sooner or later she will pop up. This can be said to put temptation in the path of someone who ordinarily would never seek out such a situation.

How a Facebook Affair Can Ruin Your Marriage

Facebook offers so many possibilities to a person who wants to cheat it makes the head spin. There are a few top reasons that are usually cited as the reason a marriage breaks up:

Reason #1 – Remembering the Good Ol’ Days Can Lead To A Facebook Affair

Facebook will eventually hook you up with old high school buddies and long-lost loves. It can seem innocent at first. Someone will start a group and you’ll reminisce. It won’t be long before your or her throws out that first private message and from there it begins. You’ve already started to reconnect by rehashing old feelings.

Reason #2 – Constantly Checking Facebook

When you constantly allow Facebook a place in every hour of your life, it is taking away from your relationship. Smartphones make it really easy to fall victim to this. It can create a codependency for someone with an addictive personality. Some people begin to fall for the hype and believe everyone’s life on Facebook is fun and exciting and they are somehow missing out. Constant use lone, without a Facebook affair, will cause a rift in a relationship.

Reason #3 – Dirty Laundry and Too Much Information

No one, no matter what they tell you, wants to hear your relationship problems. Using your status update as a place to air your dirty laundry and bitch about your relationship is a rookie move. You’ve invited the whole world to chime in on your relationship. No spouse can feel good about this move. If you resort to these kinds of actions your relationship is doomed.

Reason #4 – Cityville, Farmville, and Other Games

These Facebook games requires constant attention. You feed plants, and grown gardens, landscapes and all types of structures. You take care of the people and watch it all grow. If you aren’t paying enough attention to your partner, this can seem like a big insult.

Reason #5 – Being Overly Friendly

If your leaving heart comments on other women’s walls and flirty comments on pics is a sure-fire way to piss off a spouse. Besides that, women do not enjoy being hit on by their friends boyfriends, husbands, or ex’s.

There are so many ways that Facebook can seriously screw up a relationship if you aren’t careful. If you are looking for or open to an affair, you will find one. If you just want to find your old college football buddies or maybe you’ve always wanted to thank your third-grade history teacher, it’s a great pp to use but you’ll need to be aware of the pitfalls.

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