When your affair gets ugly: How to Exit drama free

When-your-affair-gets-ugly---How-to-Exit-drama-freeLeaving an affair can often be as hard as leaving a marriage. An affair that has endured many years and involves emotions is just as tangible a relationship as a marriage. Affairs are tricky things. Ask ten people who are considering an affair about their reasons and initiative. Most likely all ten will tell you they know what they are doing, they can handle all feelings, emotions and implications in the affair and most of all that they will be able to stop it at any time. They may even already have a plan for when, where and how to end it. The trouble arises when one or both of the affair participants develops emotional feeling for the other and the affair in general. Just because you were only in it for fun and passion doesn’t mean that’s all she was in it for. Don’t sell yourself short either. You are a desirable and confident man. Any woman you spend time with and open yourself up to is likely to fall in love with you. After all, you’re dabbling in risky waters here to begin with. Do not fret, however. There are ways to exit an affair drama free and for good.

Emotions are the key to everything in an affair. If you have no intention of ever leaving your wife, emotional activity with another woman is your enemy. So, while you are busy having a good time, leaving your emotions at home with your wife, it is a good idea to make sure your sugar baby is too. Once emotions become involved, it is a sure sign of upcoming drama. Your best bet is to keep your eye out for signs she is falling for you and make a hasty retreat before she falls too hard. One thing is for sure, once she says the “L” word, you’re in for trouble. Research from the experts has told us that no one, except professionals in the sex industry and sociopaths can lie, cheat and engage in extramarital sex without feeling some guilt and remorse. So, while you’re bound to be feeling something, when it begins to plague you on a daily basis, it’s time to leave the relationship in the most expedient way possible.

Make Sure You Are Clear You Want Out Of Your Affair

The first key point in exiting an affair finally and without drama is to be clear and concise. Many wayward husbands assume the best way to end an affair to just leave and cut off all communication. Bad idea. If she doesn’t know the affair is over, all kinds of things can run through her mind. The most efficient course of action is to sit her down (in person) and tell her why you are ending the affair, even if there is no clear reason other than it feels like the right time. Giving her a reason and an official good-bye is the most effectual and expedient way to put the affair to bed. The other important part of this move is t mean it. Really and truly mean what you are saying to her. Remember, good-bye means good-bye, which means no more contact at all. Doing this halfway, being wishy-washy and answering a few texts, emails and phone calls here and there is not ending the affair and in fact can cause many future problems.

Eliciting closure is another important step. It is imperative that you find closure, not just her. Closure means you are entirely finished with the relationship. While it seems impossible, to gain closure you must push all thoughts, memories and fantasies of her from your mind. They will eek in occasionally, especially at the beginning, but it is of the utmost importance to push them out immediately. There is no magic pill to take to make this easier No mantra to repeat will help. It is a matter of time and will power only.

Ending an affair is not an easy thing. The very fact that there is passion and attraction present is why you began the affair, ending it does not take away the attraction or the passion. You must learn to overcome it, if ending the affair is important to you. One last note as a warning; there are women who will greet the ending of an affair with threats to tell the wife. If this is the case you have two choices. You can tell your wife yourself or you can call the mistresses bluff. If you choose to call her bluff it is a wise decision to do a little damage control first.


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