What To Do When Your Affair Turns Toxic

Extramarital affairs are a lot of fun. They add a little excitement in your life when you need it most. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship. The quickening heartbeat and the easy rush of warmth at the sight of her. These are things we crave way off into a lengthy relationship when excitement begins to fade away. Discovering a new person to give you these amazing feelings while still keeping your relationship intact is a dream come true. The bad part comes, as it always does, when you find yourself with a toxic affair. Affairs turn toxic for a variety of reasons. No one can truly predict it, but when it happens you know it. It can turn your world upside down. The true question you should be asking is what to do when that toxic affair finally shows up, because it will.

Toxic Affairs Must Be Recognized ASAP

Knowing when your affair has turned toxic is imperative. Keep your eyes peeled for sure-fire signs such as constant nagging, always on her phone, or a straying attention. One or many of these signs can signal she just isn’t that into you anymore and be looking for a way out. Another sign of a toxic affair is when she decides she only wants to be with you. Suddenly, she is everywhere you are. This can be just as troubling. Be aware of your situation to know for sure when you have a toxic affair.

Devise a Plan of Escape When Your Toxic Affair Begins

Once an affair turns toxic, you have little time to act. You must take action immediately because not doing so can mean being exposed. It can mean the death of your marriage, career, and life as you know it. It has the potential for incredible life devastation. Before you even sense the first inclination of a toxic affair beginning, you should develop an exit strategy to smoothly remove yourself from the situation. The exit plan may include things like using a burner cell phone so that she never has your private number.

Toxic Affairs Can Bring Out the Worst in You

Sometimes an affair can turn so toxic that it requires some bad behavior on your part to extricate yourself. You may have to be rude, abrasive and downright mean to get yourself out of a toxic affair if she puts up any resistance. Some women refuse to give up a relationship, no matter how bad it has gotten. The situation may require some drastic actions in order to get out. It may not make you feel good, or be very proud of yourself but sometimes when a relationship turns toxic there is no other course of action that will result in success.

Toxic Affairs Should End Cold Turkey

Once you know for sure there is no good ending for this toxic affair, you should make use of your exit strategy quickly. –> Learn how to end an affair – Do not get emotional. Do not try to extricate yourself without hurting feelings. Just get out of the picture as fast as possible. Do not waste time. When the end has come in a toxic relationship, there is no time for anything but a hasty retreat.

Cover Your Tracks After Your Toxic Affair

Do not forget to clean up after you’re your grand adventure turns into a toxic affair. You do not want to leave any signs of your real life or who you are laying around for other people to see. Destroy all love notes, pictures, text messages, and anything with your name on it. Make sure you take all your clothes and even your toothbrush, if possible. The little evidence of your existence left behind, the easier it will be for her to move on.

An affair turned toxic can be a daunting experience. You have to worry about what repercussions may lurk in the future. Any day could turn into a disaster. The most important rule of having an affair is always to prepare for a toxic affair as an end result. Proper preparation is the key to survival. If you know going in that affairs can turn toxic, you have a better chance of coming out unscathed. Congratulations. You’re a step ahead of the game.

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