Who Cheats More On Tinder, Men or Women?

Dating apps are meant to be for single people looking to connect. That connection can be long-term or just for the night. Either way, it is assumed that it is a single person on the other end of the keyboard. Not a person who is in any type of relationship with another person. The only time it is expected to find an attached person is if the dating app is specifically for that type of situation. Sites like Ashley Madison are specifically geared to hookup people who are married or in committed relationships. Although these sites exist and are plentiful, you’ll still find attached people on sites like Tinder. Many studies have been done on the types of people who use Tinder. The results vary widely.

Who Cheats More on Tinder? Women!

In the vast majority of polls of Tinder users, women cheat more than men. People in various types of relationships cheat. Straight, homosexual, bisexual, trans. Every relationship type can experience infidelity. Studies consistently show, however, that women on Tinder cheat more regardless of what type of relationship they are in. While other studies of love and relationship show the opposite, the users of Tinder seem to change that statistic and place women in the place of most prolific cheaters.

Who Cheats More on Tinder? College Girls

A recent study showed one in five college students on Tinder were there to cheat. College students are notorious for being precocious and flirty. They flit from one relationship to the next and college girls are no different. They want to experience life full throttle and that often includes a lot of dating around. Long term relationships are not top on their list of priorities at the age of a typical college student. Women of this age are often more concerned with their education and career than being loyal to any one person.
Who Cheats More on Tinder? Middle Aged Men

The one age range where the men win the cheating raffle is the middle age years. Women in this range do still cheat but this age group on Tinder is ruled mainly by men. It may be the mid-life crisis years when men go in search of younger women and smaller cars. It could be that men of this age are particularly attractive on Tinder. The world may never know. What we do know is polls have shown middle aged men are doing a lot of cheating on Tinder.

Who Cheats More on Tinder? Women Executives

An interesting statistic about women who cheat on Tinder is that they are usually people who hold higher degrees and have some upper level job. Some researchers attribute this to the fact that their stressful jobs do not allow for deeper relationships. The want the release of a sexual relationship, but do not have the time or emotional resources to devote to a relationship. These women get on Tinder to enjoy the GPS location-based technology that basically delivers sex to their door, but not much more.

Who Cheats More on Tinder? People in Unhappy Relationships

Regardless of sex, people in unhappy relationships cheat more than any others. Unhappiness comes from a lot of places in relationships. The romance can go after a while, leaving two people who are more like roommates than romantic partners. In other instances, couples begin to realize they have nothing in common after the sexual attraction fades and they slowly begin to lose interest in each other. Statistics show almost every person who cheats is in a relationship that is unsatisfactory in some major way.

All types of people cheat, but the majority of people who cheat on Tinder are women. These women come from a variety of different circumstances and walks of life. The only commonality is their use of Tinder. There may be something to discover there, but as of yet, we can only assume something about Tinder makes a certain demographic of women comfortable with starting an affair. This can be beneficial for any guy also looking for an affair or one who doesn’t mind messing around with a married woman. Use this information to your advantage and dip into the pool of married hotties currently swimming in the Tinder waters.

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