Why an Affair is the Fastest Way to End an Unhappy Marriage

The divorce rate in America shows us that roughly 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce. –> SEE THE STATS Somewhere in the back of our minds, we believe that the remaining 50 or 60 percent who stay married are living happily ever after somewhere, secreting away this special marital recipe for success. In reality, according to an article in the Huffington Post, those who remain married throughout their lives aren’t much happier than those who divorced. READ THE ARTICLE HERE The problem with determining this factor is that a successful marriage means something different to everyone. A marriage that lasts over 25 years is not necessarily happy. To be deemed generally successful, the couple must still take an active interest in each other, spend time together that they enjoy, and do not keep secrets from each other. That is a larger feat than it seems. An unhappy marriage is a difficult thing to disentangle yourself from. There are many ways you can deal with this situation but having an affair is probably the fastest and easiest way to end an unhappy marriage that exists.

Sometimes There is No Other Way

There are many situations when a marriage is unhappy because it has turned bitter for some reason. Your wife wants nothing but to make you miserable, and you must admit, you get a certain thrill out of ruining her plans. When a marriage sinks to these depths, there is no returning. Having an affair will end the marriage with a big slap to her face. No one can stand the feelings that adultery brings around. Even if she is expecting it, it will still carry a sting that takes her away to spend some time alone in her bedroom at parent’s house for a few months.

It Eases the Transition

Even if you absolutely hate each other, ending an unhappy marriage can be just as painful as if you were star-crossed lovers torn apart by fate. Having an affair and getting yourself into another emotional, and even romantic, relationship helps take your mind off the fact that your marriage, albeit unhappy, is ending. It can also help your wife to move forward and go on with her life. Having an affair to end a marriage is an extreme way to take care of it, but it can sometimes work when nothing else does.

High Octane Insult

Let’s face it. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal. You are really going to piss her off when this affair comes to light. This may be your goal. Way too often, you realize to late that this marriage was a big, huge mistake. Almost from the first day, you felt the animosity building and she just seems to push all your buttons on purpose. You may suspect she is in the middle of her own affair. You may even know she is. In times like this, you just want to get back at her for all the unnecessary pain and suffering she has already mounded upon you. An insult of this caliber most often ends in divorce.

Fast Track to Destruction

Having an affair is going to speed up any damage that is being done to this relationship. The more time you spend in the arms of another women, the further you will feel from your own wife and marriage. It will take only a few days before you won’t want to spend any time with your wife. The reprieve from your unhappy marriage will force you to dread returning to the reality of it. You will begin to spend more and more time away from the marriage until there is nothing more than a document.

Having an affair is the fastest way to end an unhappy marriage because it is the final straw. When you bring another person into the relationship between you and your wife, it is a signal that you are finished. You are moving on to someone else and other opportunities in your life. More often than not, by the time it comes to these types of measures there is no going back. Neither you nor your wife will have any inclination to save the marriage and it can end at this point.

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