Why An Emotional Affair Can Be Just As Bad As A Real Affair

The pain a spouse feels when the other engages in an emotional affair is always underrated. If you have never experienced it, it can be easy to dismiss with comments like “if there was no sex, or they’ve never met, then no harm no foul.” According to recent information, there are several instances in which an emotional affair is worse than a physical one. Sex only affairs often take place and end all at the same time. An affair of the heart develops over time and lingers longer than any other type, whether sex is involved or not. – Check the signs you are having an emotional affair HERE

Level of Insidiousness

An emotional affair is more painful than a physical affair because it takes planning, forethought, and a level of sneakiness that is often hard to conceive for the slighted spouse. The realization that the person you love is capable of such deceit is bd enough but add the fact that it is against you and it can be devastating. This is especially true if the spouse did not see it coming or have any realization there were problems in the marriage.

Love Hurts

An emotional affair requires love and affection. It requires a level that goes beyond just having sex and going about your life. It requires a deeper connection. This very fact can be excruciatingly painful to a spouse, whom you have sworn to love and respect for all your days. It can have a deadly effect on the marriage that can never be repaired.

Doubts and Guilt

When your spouse engages in an requires love and affection emotional affair, a range of emotions begin to play out inside you. At some point you fall into a pit of doubt about yourself and your abilities in a relationship. Guilt also creeps in and you begin to actually place blame on yourself in some respects. An emotional affair can be devastating to the scorned spouse, keep that in mind before you end up nursing your wife back from a nervous breakdown.

Time Most Cherished

One often overlooked reasons that emotional affairs are worse than physical affairs is because it takes time away from the mate. Romantic feelings, expressions of affections, and plain old horniness should all be directed at the spouse, so she feels especially bad when she realizes those things went to another woman outside her relationship.

Tense and Anxious Leads to Problems

An emotional affair hurts so much more than a physical affair because it effects every part of your being and makes things so much harder to deal with. It feels like an attack on your personal front. You feel less than acceptable, sub-par. Your angry, embarrassed, and depressed. It is hard to let things go in such a state. Healing takes considerably longer after an emotional affair than after a physical one.

Indicative of Big Trouble

A physical affair can be the result of one drunken night’s bad decision. Whereas an emotional affair is one that required some thought and deliberate action. This is a good sign that there is something gone astray in your marriage. Needs are not being met.

They are Everywhere

Any place you go online is a good place to get a hookup on a mistress. It can happen in any forum, group, or message thread. And eventually it will. You will interest someone with something you say or some way you respond, and an interaction will begin. It happens with lightning speed. A physical affair requires people to be in the same room. An emotional affair requires only communication. These things can literally happen anywhere at any time between anyone.

The effects of a secret emotional affair can be felt far and wide. It is too multi-faceted to illicit less than an emotionally draining response from its victims. It is so much more than a quick screw when circumstances allow. It means something. That is infinitely harder to get past than a meaningless fling and sometime it is even insurmountable. A fact everyone should consider before entering into an emotional affair.

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