Why Halloween is the Best Day to Have an Affair

Halloween is a holiday that elicits a different emotion in everyone. Some people begin feeling a giddy excitement in September that builds dramatically until the big day when they can hardly contain themselves throughout the festivities. Others barely notice its arrival and some cant wait for it to be over. Sticky, sugared-up children, ghouls and goblins, and all manner of Halloween hell can have an adverse effect on many people. While scattered across the spectrum of emotion, each of these situations is an ideal reason why Halloween is the best day to have an affair. Boil, boil, toil, and trouble. It all boils down to using the holiday and whatever it brings to your best advantage. GOOD READ: Women In These Halloween costumes Are Most Likely To Cheat.

Lots of Masquerade Balls to Hide Behind When You Have an Affair On Halloween

One thing we all know for sure about Halloween is there are a lot of costumes floating around. Some, although revealing in many areas, are quite concealing when it comes to hiding a personal identity. What better time for a secret romantic interlude than when no one can see your face? Imagine the excitement when you have an affair during the most concealing, playful holiday of them all.

Things Can Get Kinkier Than Usual If You Have an Affair On Halloween

Known for its connection to life’s darker elements, Halloween escapades can get up to all kinds of no-good trickery. The ambiance of dark deeds and indulging in your scary side is a heady rush. You become more adventurous and throw caution to the wind. The hedonistic feeling that surrounds the costume parties and adult theme parties gives birth to a perfect time to have an affair. Often things go back to normal not long after the holiday.

The Start of the Holiday Season Brings on Special Feelings

Halloween is the official start of the Holiday season. The leaves are falling. There is a distinct and unmistakable chill in the air. Weather like this makes you want to snuggle. Hold each other tight. Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. Buckle down for long weekends inside watching old horror flicks, eating junk food, and drinking cheap wine. Its comforting for a while but will turn a bit too close for comfort later. Enjoy it while it lasts. Sack up with the married lady of your choice and revel in the warn Autumn emotions.

Its all Fun and Games When You Have An Affair On Halloween

Halloween is known as a time to play jokes, “tricks” or give treats. It’s a time of celebration as harvest time draws closed and we begin to prepare for the winter months. It is a great time to have an affair because it almost assumed that its all just for fun anyway. It’s a whirlwind time when people are doing whirlwind things in the last few warm moments of the year. An affair is most exciting when its done on the spur of the moment, in a second of unbridled passion. No thought given to what could happen in the future.

It’s a Good Time To Get Away With Having An Affair

Everyone knows you should never have an affair with anyone who lives close to you. Nor should you have an affair with anyone who knows anyone in your personal life. Halloween time is generally time when kids are out of school for fall break. Lots of businesses allow vacation time as well during these early fall months. While summer vacations can be stifling hot, a fall get-away is cooler and more intimate. Use the time off work to jet away to some romantic resort or cozy bed and breakfast. Spend the days perusing antique shops and art galleries to leave your nights free for romantic dinners, dancing, and fireplace snuggling times.

Halloween is the best time to have an affair because it breaks the cliché summer romance façade and gives you a wider range of activities. You’re not trapped into the same vacation spots at the same time every year. You can make it an affair to remember in a spot you’ll probably never visit again with anyone but her. Halloween is the best time to have an affair for many reasons. The best reasons of all will be the ones you make yourself.

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