What to Do If Your Wife Finds a Sext Message on Your Phone?

You’ve been having an affair for a few months now. It was fun and exciting and the sex was great but its feeling like time to end it. You have all your ducks in a row and almost have a complete plan to get it over with when you make one little mistake. You slip up a little and your wife finds a few sext messages on your phone. Oh. No. This may seem like an unfixable issue but the truth is you can get out of this predicament with a little forethought and planning.

Lie, Lie, Lie When Confronted with Sext Messages on Your Phone

Lie. Lie like your life depends on it because it may. Lie with the most believable expression on your face humanly possible. Just make sure it is believable. Tell her your friend was using the phone to talk to his girlfriend. Tell her whatever you think she will believe and SELL IT!

If Your Wife Finds A Sext Message, Defer the Guilt

Another tactic you can use when your wife finds sext messages on your cell phone is to defer the guilt to her. Explain to her how she has not paid enough attention to you. Tell her ow lonely you have been and how much you just wanted to be with her but couldn’t. You know, flip things around on her.

Get Super Mad When Your Wife Finds Sext Messages on Your Phone

You heard me right. Blow up! Get mad! Sometimes showing a little anger is enough to deflect the issue for a while. Long enough to get your thoughts together and come up with a plausible excuse or exit strategy. Storm out in a huff. Get a room for the night (or a few days) and think things over.

If Your Wife Finds Sext Messages on Your Phone Use it to Better Your Marriage

When an affair comes to light it can completely destroy some people. It takes a great toll on the minds, emotions and even physical well-being of those involved. It is no surprise that some people never recover from an affair. Divorce ensues and lives change down to the very core. No one is the same after an affair, no matter how it ends. Why not use this terrible time to fix your marriage? Many couples go to counseling and come out the stronger for it. Sometimes affairs bring problems to light that have long been kept hidden. Confronting these hidden troubles and mending them can make your marriage stronger than before the affair. Read how an affair can help your marriage.

It May Be Time for a Divorce if Your Wife Finds Sext Messages on Your Phone

If you are so careless as to sext someone from the phone your wife knows about, maybe you want to be caught. If you are so absent-minded that you leave your sext messages in your phone and leave it unattended in your wife’s presence, you need to be caught. When your sexting becomes more important than your wife and marriage, it is time to stop the carousel and get off. No matter what you have going on in your life, if you value your marriage, you must keep it protected. Protected from you and your philandering behavior. If you are making mistakes of this caliber you probably should just divorce your wife and let her move on.

If Your Wife Finds Sext Messages on Your Phone It May be Time to Repent

Getting caught is never part of anyone’s plan. This is especially true if you never got any farther than sexting and didn’t really plan too. You just figured a few fun sexting sessions and you’d both go your separate ways. Suddenly, your confronted with your playtime results and realize how stupid it was. Now is the time to come clean. Tell her the truth about everything she asks and beg for her forgiveness. It will be uncomfortable and embarrassing but a little shame never killed anyone. Especially in the name of love.

Getting caught sexting doesn’t have to be the end of your life. It can be the beginning of something wonderful, either with your wife or on your own.

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