5 Simple Ways to Call Off an Affair

There are many types of affairs, not all end in divorce either. Some affair last for years and years, while other flicker out soon after they begin. Some affairs never consummate in sex while others are about nothing else. Affairs, just like marriages, are dependent upon who is having them and why. Just like marriages, there are a variety of ways to end them. Ending an affair doesn’t have to be complicated or emotional if you are able to read your circumstances correctly. Listed below are the top five simplest ways to call off an affair.

Be Direct

Beating around the bush is not going to do the trick when it comes time to call off an affair. In fact, it could, and probably will, make matters worse. It doesn’t matter if you have been seeing each other for three years or three hours. The best route is always directly to the point. Say exactly what you mean. Calling off an affair requires a direct approach so that there is nothing left misunderstood. You don’t want a phone call from your ex-mistress once you are trying to mend your relationship with your wife. Tell your mistress in no uncertain terms that the affair is over, and you do not want to see her again for any reason.

Ghost Her Out

It is not the most heartfelt way to call off an affair, but ghosting her could be the most effective option in your situation. Ghosting occurs when you just drop off the planet. You don’t answer texts or calls. You are never available or in the same places you used to be. This is especially helpful if you have been smart and kept most or all of your personal information private. Ghosting can take place slowly or suddenly. Slowly taking fewer calls and taking longer to reply to texts gives her a heads-up to your intentions. A sudden ghost move will work the same way, it’s just over faster. If you chose this option, make sure you can cut her out completely and she will not be showing up at work, school or your home.

Enlist Help

Many experts agree that telling your wife about the affair and making sure she is around when you call off an affair makes it easier to do. You have the support and love of your wife to lean on. You may also have the anger and wrath of your wife to spur you on. If you opt not to tell your wife, enlist the help of a friend or close relative who can keep a secret. Let them know you are going to break off th affair and need advice and moral support. In the end, only your choices will matter but a little help is always a good thing.

Keep it Short and Simple

When we speak of keeping it simple and short, we mean both the relationship and the break-up. The less time an affair lasted, the easier it will be to call it off. Keeping an affair more carefree and less committal means a break-up can be as easy as a quick text message. If you do not give feelings any time to develop or ensure the relationship is sex only, she will not have a reason to make the break-up hard.

Set Her Up with Someone Else

There is a great chance that you may really have a genuine affection for the woman you are having an affair with. Just because you care for her, however, does not mean you want to continue the affair. One way to break things off kindly is to gently encourage her to begin a relationship with someone else. Think of all the eligible men you know, and which one would be likely to hit it off with her. You don’t even have to tell him (or her) what your plans are. Just devise a clever way for them to meet and watch the sparks fly. After that, you are home free.

When it is time to call off an affair, there are many possibilities spanning from difficult and complicated to simple and fast. A lot depends on the specific situation and your feelings about the woman. Consider the repercussions of each choice before you decide on one but then commit fully. Decide what you are going to do and then do it. Don’t look back. Your new mistress-free life is awaiting.

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