Why You Should Never Ghost Your Mistress

Oh, it is so sublimely simple. Just dip out like a thief in the night. Never to be heard from again. So many guys, once they get bored, or annoyed, or aggravated in an affair just disappear. No calls, texts, or messages. This practice is called ghosting and people in all sorts of relationships do it to each other. (What is ghosting?) It usually happens when there is some trouble afoot and confronting it would be a chore. It is considered rude, cruel, and immature. It may seem like the solution to all your problems, but there are many reasons why you should never ghost your mistress.

Its Psychologically Damaging

Unless you just hate her guts and you are a complete heartless ass, it is better to tell a person you are no longer interested than to just ghost them because it damages their psyche. WATCH VIDEO ON GHOSTING. It isn’t just a simple breakup. They are left wondering what they did wrong or what is wrong with them. It’s a kinder thing to just shoot a quick, emotionless, text saying you just don’t feel it anymore. There is no good reason to purposely damage someone else emotionally. Even if she is a raging bitch, you still have your own code of ethics.

You Should Never Ghost Your Mistress Because Its Weak

How pathetic do you have to be to not even have enough backbone to end an affair – something that had an expiration date anyway? The thought of just pushing her to the back of your mind and blocking her number is very comforting. No muss. No fuss. Just life as usual. If you’re a weak minded-dork, that is. Have some cajones and let her know straight-up that the affair is over. You don’t have to be a jerk. Be polite but firm and you’ll fell better about yourself in the long run.

Beware of The Fatal Attraction Syndrome

Remember that old 80’s movie with Glenn Close and Mike Douglas? She is his mistress while his wife is away. When the wife returns, and he ghosts Glen, she loses her shit. This stuff happens in real life, which is what makes it so scary. There are people who are really good at hiding their crazy. No one has any idea they are off their rocker until something happens that they don’t like. When someone like that feels ignored, used, thrown away, or otherwise disrespected, all hell could break lose.

You Know What They Say About Karma

No one likes to be rejected. In fact, studies have shown rejection has a powerful negative effect on all humans. Some just cope better. If you make it your normal practice to ghost out of every relationship, sooner or later you will get a taste of your own medicine. You wont like it. A continuous trail of upset women in your wake isn’t good for anyone. Treat everyone like you want to be treated or you will reap what you sow.

You Could Be Creating a Monster If You Ghost Your Mistress

Women who are mistresses are not always the most self-confident. They also take a certain amount of pride in sleeping with another woman’s husband. They are not letting this relationship go easily. Just because you haven’t spoken to her, doesn’t mean you’re broken up, as far as she is concerned. She could start stalking you, asking your friends about you, and even worse. You could walk around the corner six months later and she will be standing there asking for answers. Just end it and avoid any ugly situation.

You Never Know What Lies Ahead When You Ghost Your Mistress

You’re bored. You’re ready to move on. Maybe she’s starting to get on your nerves or is taking things more seriously than you intend. The situation is certainly not ideal but that doesn’t mean a little time and space can’t salve the irritation. Who says that sometime in the future you may not want to shoot her a text? It is never a good idea to completely burn your bridges with anyone. The only exception is if they are entirely toxic. In most situations, a kind and subtle parting of ways is best. No hard feelings and good karma all around.

Ghosting anyone is a bad idea unless they are harmful. It causes so much pain, harsh feelings, and drama, it is so much easier to just end the relationship. A mistress, girlfriend, or wife should never be ghosted. Anyone you see on the regular, such as coworkers, family, and people really good in bed are also on that list. Doing so is just making yourself look like a chump. If she was good enough to share that relationship with, then she is certainly deserving of a goodbye text in the very least. If you just cant bring yourself to do it, have a friend help you out or write some stock text you can send each time you want out.

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